NFC/AFC Championship PREVIEW: EARLY PICKS for 49ers vs Eagles & Bengals vs Chiefs I CBS Sports HQ

Bryant McFadden and Leger Douzable join CBS Sports HQ to give their picks for both the AFC & NFC Championship Games next Sunday.


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  1. Mark Jackson

    Told you NFL wont allow golden boy mahomo to lose again. Pathetic rigged sport. And no I don't like either team

  2. David Ho

    imo. a point spread of 1.5 point or less is almost too close to call.

  3. Eleazar Aguilar

    Prpud to say, i’ve beaten all your “experts” on these playoff picks.

  4. Selena Raul

    Awakenbeerus is the best, they have their own website and Instagram

  5. K2 M

    Chiefs fans are given their moment to be honest and say their team can't win with an injured Mahomes, but they aren't taking it. LOL, prepare to be shocked Sunday!

  6. iwanttolearnguitar

    Eagles Bengals. We all know it.

  7. Miguelangel Macias

    49ers over Eagles by a field goal. I’d like to say Chiefs over Bengals BUT it ain’t going to happen!

  8. Tommy Gregory

    49ers Vs. Bengals! My #1 pick SB
    Eagles Vs. Cheifs #2 pick SB.
    Whats yours?

  9. mmane257

    from NOLA. the Eagles will win it all.

  10. Vince Liu

    Eagles played in a tougher division. Niners are good but don’t go by stats. They had two sh..t teams in their division. Eagles have 4 guys over 10 sacks and let’s see how Purdy performs on the road in the cold. Edge to Eagles. BTW I’m a Raiders fan so I’m not a fan of either of these teams but I know my crap team almost beat the Niners

  11. Asteroid 2020

    Bengals vs. Eagles.

  12. On The Money

    As a Chiefs fan I have 0 confidence in Chiefs beating Bengals. Bengals are bullies at this point. They ran Bills off the field. Chiefs better be ready for war or its game over

  13. Wheelchairmanjon

    San Francisco and Cincinnati I could definitely see Philadelphia winning because Brock regardless of how good he’s been so far still a rookie

  14. Javier Ray McCallum

    Eagles versus Chiefs super Bowl please

  15. Ronnie Creason

    Plus Bengals will play you with green eggs and ham and win

  16. Orlando Garza

    These will definitely be interesting games to watch this Sunday.

  17. Paper Tiger

    ha, got 9ers at +850 for it all!

  18. Mike Jerman

    I am seeing The Bengals and The Eagles in the SuperBowl. Both of these teams have displayed some serious team power.

  19. Ken Battor

    The Bengals won a big game in Buffalo and with Mahomes' injury, I have a feeling Cincinnati is going to come out flat. In the back of their minds, they may feel that the game is in the bag. Mahomes is going to show why he is the MVP

  20. bsherder

    3:43 They were way too close. Not saying those hits would have been good if they weren't in that area.
    10:05 This is what i wanted to see. The thumbnail.

  21. Mitchell Gwodz

    Why'd you skip 48 lol

  22. skink0083

    Makes sense that a lot of highlights would be soccer and hockey since those so-called "sports" are nothing but mistakes!

  23. Mr. Lonewolf

    I think no26 is my No1 pick XD lol

  24. Max Medverd

    3:18 lol Europeans like the idea of football but just make it softer in every way

  25. Cy *

    This is a great Channel but you really need to work on the editing and sound

  26. Dub Zero

    bro yall need better video processing

  27. Karlis Filis

    i was waiting at first place the moment when football player tripped his own teammate and another one scored own goal in one attack

  28. Bone's Breaks

    #50 is not a blooper. If he makes the catch it a SportsCenter Top 10. He didn't make it, hard to call that a blooper

  29. Log Fog

    Audio out of sync starting at end of #45

  30. Mike Hoekman

    Hard to follow die to editing

  31. Dylan Bradley

    I just hope number one is a man beating women in swimming…

  32. Justicar

    Some of these are NOT bloopers….it's just bad luck.

  33. Emiliyan Yankov

    Thank you for the laughs. 🤣🙏 Btw the audio completely dying on every transition is not nice imho.

  34. I See You

    4 minutes in and I can't watch anymore. The sound delay is too hard to watch.

  35. Guido

    why is the audio out of sync?

  36. Robert Colontonio

    The only thing more mind numbingly tedious than watching golf i watching golf bloopers. And the the title says " Sports Bloopers" and Golf is in no way a sport. Its a leisure activity at best. Period…

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