Newcastle United 6 Tottenham Hotspur 1 | Premier League Highlights

The best of the action from our thrilling 6-1 win over Spurs at St. James’ Park!

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  1. Joker_KH505

    يا سعوديا يا ديار ملك يا دار الاوطاني

  2. ITSytyt

    This is looking like the sidman cherty mach

  3. ITSytyt

    This is looking like the sidman cherty mach

  4. Kevin Pond - Meditation

    Just keeps on getting better and better 😁

  5. tonar wodi

    Eddie Howe's speech before the game started: " Lads, it's Tottenham"

  6. Abdulaziz

    مبرووووك للماكبايس نيوكاسل يونايتد ❤️ 🇸🇦

  7. Jack Ripper

    Lewandowski 5 goals in 9min > whole Newcastle 5 goals in 20 min with 3 different players

  8. Ylies Kechouri

    Mskn lloris

  9. Umar Moolla

    What the hell!?!? Those through balls were magical 🎉🎉

  10. Brooklyn J.

    this team is mental!!

  11. Carol


  12. Canisius Wesley Chisenga

    The best attacking game we've played this season 🎉 best match ever for me.

  13. Dasfx

    How do Tottenham higher ups sleep at night??

  14. AliAster9

    astafurinallah help me this club

  15. reggiep75

    The angle for Murphy's first goal was as sharp as F.

  16. Venkatakrishnan R

    The most I respect about this club and their owners is that they decided to fix the system with the money instead of buying a tonne of new players.
    Respect to Newcastle.
    Can't wait to have them in the CL.

  17. Duncan Hutchison

    "This is like nothing we have ever seen before." A thing of great Geordie beauty. HTL!

  18. Gowtham Shetty

    Thank you toons..from a Man Utd fan..(u know what im talkin about)

  19. คนติดเกมฟีฟ่า


  20. 맛있겠다

    Mendy's performance in this match was incredible.

  21. Jay Patel

    How on earth is Dier getting England caps???

  22. Ari Agatha

    GOGOGO Leicester Go!!!! what an incredible performance from our front !!!!

  23. Edmundo Ala 0907 Ngola

    This game remember me Leicester of 2016

  24. Szilard Szabo

    Dier a defender? Never

  25. Jamoi Crooks

    I hate this background music 🙄

  26. Ben Ebuwa

    Mendy with a screamer

  27. Shaikh Harith

    The music made it feel like a commercial.

  28. Naphila Syahfa

    🐈 effortlessly

  29. Armix Armand

    the goalkeeper though🤭🤭

  30. Leonard Sam

    Inecho is excellent

  31. bambang djupri

    Who is goal kipper??

  32. Rocking Dude

    Spurs both keepers are worst.

  33. ModeLisz

    What Tottenham goalkeeper doing in premier league?? He should play 2-3 leagues down.. and Leicester defender trying to do a record with own goals?? Im not watching Leicester game, i saw also against my Liverpool club how the same defender did 2 own goals in one match 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  34. nibin ep

    Tottenham defends worse than Sunday league…they are giving time for players to shoot in the box closing down …what is this Mickey mouse defending😅
    Anyway well done Leicester

  35. MrRusticano

    this is not football, this is some kind of billiards 😅

  36. Aimane Horizon

    This win is absolutely on the Goalkeeper

  37. Wing Cheung Chow

    Foxes have had caught chickens as big dishes ,
    well , it is really delicious!
    yummy yummy yum yum!


  38. U M E *

    Lloris gone
    Back to reset 😶😅

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