New Yorkers Getting Ready To Welcome Mobile Sports Betting To State

The long wait for mobile sports betting in New York is almost over; CBS2 political reporter Marcia Kramer has the latest.

The first day of online sports betting happened Friday and gamblers have already placed their bets.


  1. IAmTheNinth

    A 2.5k limit a month? That's low as hell, a 10k limit would be okay but only 2.5k man.

  2. NYC Hustle

    Still driving too Jersey until they approve it 😆

  3. Internacional Boxing

    LETS GOOO‼️🥊💯 I used to drive over to PA lmaooo

  4. Dave J

    Is everything Okay? did you know you went over the limit? Is everything Okay? 2:03 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Hamdi ben

    More money for rich investors , more poor people !! The worst is this news outlet is actually for it… And who owns those apps and websites?

  6. Benjy Bronk

    Id stick with mob guys, better odds and cash returns…

  7. Chrissy Lovinmylife

    This woman is beautiful black queen.☺️

  8. Tomas

    Black people put in further poverty, marvelous. How can people allow this?

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