New England Patriots Schedule Predictions #shorts #nfl #nflfootball #sports #newenglandpatriots

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  1. MC_doggyYT

    Bri he is just jealous that we’re are going to be better then you because we got juju and I think Mac Jones will be better this year

  2. Lucas

    Christian Gonzalez we is 🔒 everyone

  3. JimmyJom

    My bad Tua throw a pick

  4. Caillou_editz3

    Bro knows nothing in fact ima UnsuBBING

  5. Colin Dozois

    Thx for the thoughts

  6. Donald Harmon Jr

    And kids this brings me to my next point don’t smoke crack

  7. Kolby 89

    The patriots arnt that bad

  8. Bruce Harris

    Bro = ohio kid

  9. Bruce Harris

    This guy thinks that they will go undefeated. He is definitely from Ohio.🤮

  10. yaboyj

    Bro they ain’t gonna beat the bills💀

  11. NFL Sports edits

    I’m a jets fan and patriots might do better than you this season😂

  12. William

    Still would be better than the dolphins record

  13. Freddo23

    Why do you hate us so much??

  14. Christina Fox

    So cute, idiot

  15. Willaim Hebert

    Someone send this man to the insane asylum

  16. Darby Duffin

    Don’t be mad the pats have 6 rings and your dolphins suck

  17. Chiefs_prodz

    This aged well

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