New England Patriots 2023 NFL Draft Day Two Recap writers Mike Dussault and Evan Lazar recap Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft. Both Dussault and Lazar highlight Georgia Tech defensive end Keion White and his ability to rush the passer as well as Sacramento State linebacker Marty Mapu explosiveness downhill.

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  1. G DLT

    You're surprised that they were defense focused in draft when you are literally facing Rodgers, Allen and Tua/Tyreek in the diviaion. Defense focus makes sense. We signed offense coordinator, juju, james robinson and gesicki before draft so they were already offense focused to begin with and then they drafted a bunch of offensive linemen and two shifty receivers.

  2. Girard Edward

    Thanks for bringing up TE!!
    We should have allocated capital for TE Washington (if we seriously want to run).

  3. Cirtap Nageem

    I like their plan.
    If you cant beat them with your offense, shut down their offense down with your defense.

    Now they need to do it.

  4. stapleboss

    The thing I love most about the draft is when guys like Evan Lazar act like the team got it all wrong when they don't draft who they predicted..

  5. Erik S.uperPatriot

    I would’ve loved TETucker Kraft instead. Patriots both starting TE’s are free agents next year.

  6. Fermin Chapa

    Way to go drafting a kicker ! Wtf, in hoodie we trust my ass !!!! Wtf are they doing ???????!

  7. WhereAreMyEntertainers?!

    Worst drafting team in the league. Not close.

  8. Silence is on fire

    So is The defense is going to play offense? by week 9 when all of our defense is tired and we have to hope for the offense to pull though we will suck.. The NFL is passing bill by..

  9. DoeBoyATL

    Bro we’re going 6-11 this year. It’s time for bill to go.

  10. Brent Gustafson

    I like the picks so far ( day 3 just literally started as i write this ) . We need a LB hybrid to mirror Josh Allen and can get to the other side of the field fast. And us not trading in day 2 tells me we're trading today for sure. Especially with 4 4th round picks so close to each other

  11. I.G13

    Sac state ??? Cmonnnn

  12. malachi rhodes

    I think they drafted Marte Mapu to replace or atleast compete with Mack Wilson and Raekwon McMillan.

  13. Magaiver kaela

    Brasil is New England Patriots

  14. R J

    This analyst wanted Josh Downs…trouble is Mac Jones can’t get him the ball…

  15. bob smith

    Defense wins championships

  16. SD

    Not many people are talking about the James Robinson signing, two years ago. He was awesome and a top running back, he is still a young player, so we should be excited about him as well!

  17. SD

    Gonzales good for staying with elite WRs, White good for potential replacement for Uche/Wise and Matu good for Dugger and/or Mccourty replacement also good for special teams where we failed against Buffalo. Now we need OT, WR, LB, and punter today!!!!!!!

  18. 2Phaktor

    If you dig a little deeper on the guys they drafted in day two, there is a certain edge to their attitude which should trickle through the defense moving forward. Couple that with their atheltic profiles, the locker room should have future productive leaders. These are no nonsense young men that are going to push the incumbents wherever they are assigned; they are not the 'happy to be here' types. The first round pick is a guy that is clearly still developing in confidence, but if things click and he is able to play immediately, you will have a top flight corner sooner than later.

  19. Edward Vargas

    W.T.F. the fucking team needs offensive linemen high grade players and a tight end. No fucking line same results.

  20. Recovering Know It All

    WR, Bill!!!!

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