Ncaa Football Scores from today


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  1. Renae Knight

    Pro Sports Central > RSHighlight

  2. Carlos Colon

    These teams must suck so bad that they can’t even score

  3. Kevin Moynihan

    Not the worst game ever. In 1881, after the adoption of the snap back rule guaranteeing possession after a tackle and before the 1882 introduction of down and distance, Yale and Princeton played a game to a 0-0 tie in which each team revived the kickoff in one half and then held the ball for the entire half realizing they could not lose if they never lost possession.

  4. Antonio Corsetti

    3:19 “Excellent job on both sides of the ball”

    Bro gave up on trying to commentate this game.

  5. wrhiv72

    this was definitely one of the games in CFB history

  6. William Marchand

    The fact he missed all those FGs then made a 50 and 40 yarder in a row is ridiculous 😂

  7. Evan

    You mean the best defensive game in CFB history

  8. Ralph Fox

    Stinker of stinkers

  9. Chris Tercero

    Ain’t nothing wrong with 20 punts, interceptions, fumbles, terrible field goal attempts and great defense right? 😅

  10. TheRoadDawg

    Like watching Hockey or Soccer.

  11. David Lewis

    BUUUUT….. if you’re a defensive coach, probably feel like you’re playing lights out

  12. Idahohaz Potatoez

    This is either a good defensive game or the worst offensive game of all time.

  13. Matt Conaway

    MY TOP 10 WORST Football Games Ever:
    10. Oregon St. vs Pitt
    9. Patriots vs Jets (Thanksgiving 2012)
    8. Panthers vs Cardinals (2014-15 Playoffs)
    7. 2004 Super Bowl (Janet Jackson)
    6. 2019 Super Bowl
    5. Game Ending Tie
    4. Dan Marino's Last Game (1999-00 Playoffs)
    3. Steelers vs Dolphins (2007)
    2. Virginia Tech vs Wake Forest
    1. Browns vs Jaguars (Bottlegate)

  14. Eunae Kim

    It's a football game with no one scoring a touchdown. Your argument is invalid!

  15. Eunae Kim

    The presidential election equivalent of this game is the 1876 election. The electoral vote was in question in Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina. They had to appoint fifteen people to decide who was the winner. The electoral vote count was 185 to 184, in favor of Rutherford Hayes.

  16. Panda Gaming

    Worst? You mean best

  17. sammy

    i definitely would’ve left 20 minutes in

  18. Blaise

    The thumbnail is hilarious.

  19. Shelby Hughes

    Wake Forest wins in extra innings!

  20. stirgy

    A foot clinic fosho 😄

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