NBA Welcomes the 2015 Draft Class Families

Watch as the families of the 2015 NBA Draft Class celebrate their arrival to the league.

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Welcome back everybody, in this video I redraft the 2015 NBA draft.

Full redraft:

1 – MIN – Karl-Anthony Towns
2 – LAL – Devin Booker
3 – PHI – Kristaps Porzingis
4 – NYK – D’Angelo Russell
5 – ORL – Montrezl Harrell
6 – SAC – Josh Richardson
7 – DEN – Myles Turner
8 – DET – Kelly Oubre Jr.
9 – CHA – Norman Powell
10 – MIA – Kevon Looney

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  1. @TheRealRiddla

    Some of the worst haircuts I've ever seen in my life…. SMH

  2. @allenjames2961

    I Think Justise Winslow Is Going To Play A Lot Like Harrison Barnes

  3. @ArzaRefidilant

    R.I.P okafor career

  4. @lionpawhalfseal3391

    WAIT did any else so frank the tank at 1:19 just pause there

  5. @ArianaFanGirlForLife

    Jahlil and AD gonna be in a Bulls uniform soon.

  6. @edstababy

    0:51 Is that William Gates mom from hoop dreams?

  7. @devinhester2039

    WEAK. ………

  8. @aA-qu1mj

    Bulls heat and nuggets all got steals!!!!!!

  9. @pavlemilenkovic2735


  10. @nathrebs9107

    1. KAT 2. Booker 3. Porzingis 4.Turner 5.Ruissell

  11. @jega1016

    Devin Booker pick 1

  12. @yourebreakingmyballs4787

    Rozier snubbed man…

  13. @maciedixon3983

    I choose book.

  14. @glennvastine4118

    Boy everybody hates KP but he always ends up
    Either #3 or 4 in every redraft. He’s still a pretty good regular season player and did score 34 points in a playoff game against a pretty good defensive team. He can still make everyone love him if he can just return to the great rim protector he was in his all star year. A 40% three point shooter, an adequate perimeter defender and a better low post finisher would make him an all star again. He’s just an injury prone player, not a bad player. Joining Luka Doncic was probably not as good a fit as he could have had in a bottom 10 team in the east. If he went someplace where he’d be the first option and get 20-25 shots like Washington he’d be a real weapon again. They should trade KP and find him an east coast team that can let him be himself. I’m thinking the wizards, Charlotte or Orlando makes sense.
    Dallas could just take back wings and a secondary creator, Simone like miles Bridges or
    Jonathan Isaac.

  15. @suns_orbit1764

    Booker is WAAAAY better then KAT

  16. @zach346

    watching booker play Kobe in his last season would be beautiful

  17. @nolanvasser5616

    As a pistons fan and seeing Cristhian woods skill and potential first hand, I would definitely want him over josh Richardson, Myles turner, and Kelly oubrey, I think he should be pick #6. Now don’t get me weong he hasn’t proved much but since trading Andre Drummond he actually got good playing time and he took advantage of it. He’s averaging like 23&10 with 40+% 3pt. I really hope they resign him but he shows a lot of potential and I would still take him over the other guys I mentioned

  18. @grahamcochran5400

    I think if you could guarantee the health of all players involved, KP is easily number 1 for me. I would put Booker at 2 as I think he will develop more as a pure scorer, and Towns would be 3, as I don't think he will ever get over that hump to become a top tier player. He is highly inconsistent, and his temperament has constantly been called into question.

  19. @chuckhauser6336

    KP, KAT, Booker

  20. @ThurstonWatt

    Richaun Holmes is an absolute KILLER.

  21. @lalawmpuiakhiangte5523

    Oubre Jr. Should be no 5

  22. @massimo96

    Looney over Christan wood is kinda questionable

  23. @cheese4469

    Kelly oubre is literally better than josh Richardson at every this on and off the court

  24. @Josh-vu1vp

    Kevon Looney: Averages 3 ppg and 3 rpg on the worst team in the league
    Christian Wood: Averages 13 and 6 on a better team, ending the year on an insane hot streak
    Rozier: 18, 4, and 4 on an okay team
    Holmes: 13 and 8 on a decent team

    This guy: yeah imma take Looney

  25. @evanwladkowski5386

    Oubre needs to be higher

  26. @mattburns1646

    Gotta say, Porzingis is top tier on this list, and arguably has proven the as much as Towns and close to D Book besides his 70 piece dispute a huge gap for injury…..

  27. @azelkuldija5746

    Looney over Terry¿??¿??

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