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Wednesday NBA Best Bets for February 8th, 2023 (2/8/2023)! In this video I give you my lean ATS on each NBA game. Make sure to keep an eye on the *pinned comment for my final plays* (updated throughout the day).


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  1. King Ave

    This shit becoming harder and harder seem like 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Shayne

    Vuch was a horrible pick everytime I place bets with your picks they sell I’m done with the site

  3. KillaTrim Official

    Winning quite a bit lately thanks to just the straight knowledge bro, nothing but respect keep grinding and putting in that work!

  4. Big Oouzyy

    Dorian smith over on Reb??

  5. NasteeFN

    jarret allen 1st half pra 16.5 take it?

  6. davis williamson

    That damn Allen FS bumped up to 19.5 right before I could lock it in. I still had to take it after what Duren did to SAS a few nights ago, and Capela did 2 nights ago. Haha you just brought up Duren right after I typed it.

  7. davis williamson

    Was so close to being in the same boat. Hit 5 of 6 on three 25x bets. Hooked on 2 of them. Brutal. Also hooked on a 10x. Never been so bummed to be up a couple hundeded bucks.

  8. Zay Too Swift

    This is not the same Magic team the bulls played, Magic defense has been phenomenal last 3-5 games so idk how to feel about the teams their playing going forward.. I know for sure that they struggle against guards /swings but jokic and bam haven’t reached their avg ppg so the center match up is super iffy

  9. Shane Mason

    Nice 2K hitter 🏈 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Stevieb4

    Are u still riding Demar first half points?

  11. David

    jarrett allen 1st half pra?

  12. Donte Perry

    I placed a $50.28 bet, is that still protected?

  13. Camryn

    Could you possibly do five plays on underdog fantasy?

  14. denvernuggetsjeans

    how do you feel about fultz for 13.5 pts over

  15. Mahde Kazan

    What’s with the 50$ protected pay? Can you give me info on that?

  16. Plague Runner

    I'm really hoping Jarrett Allen isn't a 🪤 today. I'm on him as well. I took vuc fantasy score and a few vuc reb @ 11.5 when the lines came out. Thanks keg! 🫶

  17. Sergio Toscano

    New here, going with Nikola and Allen

  18. CJ Carpenter

    $50 or your money back today??? Let’s ride!!!

  19. Jimmy Alonzo

    Hit a 6 man yesterday thanks to u giving me the Toney fantasy n kelce fantasy 😤😤

  20. Guy Boston Sports

    Hit that LIKE button!

    – Kings -7.5 (-115)
    – Mavs/Clippers Over 220.5 (-110)

  21. Luke Goetz

    Figures I dare take his picks & they ARE FUKN STINKERS – everytime I tail I piss away $ from these stinkers so fukn annoying

  22. Brian Smith

    Thanks Man, Love Your Content!!!

  23. Ryan Hurlbut

    SGP +320 Tatum & Brown 20+pts each / Embiid 20+pts & 10+reb / Harden 15pts & 10+asst

  24. Andrew Szymanik

    is it worth going kings -8.5

  25. Larry Mccoy

    Bro.. Thank you for taking the time to even make a video.. You do you…

  26. Beau o'Sickey

    put my life on lebron over 37.5 last night….

  27. Aaron GreenEyeBandit

    Good picks yesterday
    Parlay #1 Bos ML , Bos over 224
    Parlay#2 clipp/Mavs 221 over, Kings ML

  28. jalenkeyray

    Thank you I won 🙌 last night

  29. SBS-VINO

    We Like The Car It’s Different

  30. tchildress6339


  31. seasonsintheson


  32. Jonathan Burgess

    No you didn't you said Atlanta was going to win

  33. Big Sturdy

    Beautiful picks my guy

  34. Bo Bo

    Jazz line has moved 2 points 👀

  35. adam tweedie

    I watch our videos everyday n never ride w you n last night I paid dearly for it, so for first time I’m putting all my faith in your pics tonight lol, also small play on pacers ml cause I just can’t help myself 😊

  36. H Chambers

    After what the Jazz did to my parlays vs Dal a few days ago…I will fade them for life. Lol

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