NASCAR Cup Series: ADVENTHEALTH 400 Highlights | NASCAR on FOX

The ADVENTHEALTH 400 was a very intense race, as there were 11 cautions and multiple drivers didn’t finish the race because of the damage done to the cars. Denny Hamlin was able to win Stage 1, making that his second stage win of the season, with Joey Logano taking the Stage 2 win. After a race with a playoff atmosphere, Denny Hamlin battled it out with Kyle Larson in the final laps and secured the ADVENTHEALTH 400 victory. This marked Hamlin’s 49th career win. Following the race, there was a big fight that happened involving Ross Chastain and Noah Gragson as tension boiled over.


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NASCAR Cup Series: ADVENTHEALTH 400 Highlights | NASCAR on FOX

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  1. NASCAR on FOX

    What are your thoughts on the post race fight between Ross Chastain and Noah Gragson?

  2. Alberto

    It's awesome to see so many people complimenting this race as a good race. I hope NASCAR will notice that we don't need fabricated drama with endless restarts to enjoy real racing.

  3. T

    How many times are they gonna let hack Hamlin crash drivers …someone needs to start making a statement 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  4. IceDagger0

    Love how Chastain got tight and Gragson took it so personally. Good on Chastain for throwing the punch, Gragson was grabbing him for nothing. It’s about time for someone to shake things up again, haven’t had this kinda driver since early Kyle Busch. Kyle Busch is still my favorite but Chastain is gonna be a great 2nd pick now that Kurt is retired.

  5. itsalltoofunny

    That punch on pit road was satisfying…. Gagson wrecked all on his own.

  6. NCripTid

    one of the greatest races in years. the next gens might not be the best on short tracks but, the big track racing is second to none

  7. Javier Barrios

    Dios les v grandemente soy de Colombia y me gustaría este deporte y en mi familia me dicen loco por este deporte por favor guíame como puedo ver las carrera en vivo gracia

  8. Eric Kriebel

    Reminds me of Jerry Springer Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry. I was disappointed that Bubba Wallace wasn't into the wall and fighting like he normally does but hopefully next week he'll get another chance

  9. Gertrude

    This is why we need to remove F1 from America. America doesn’t have the maturity for the professional F1 motorsport.

  10. John Snow

    Come on ross did not even touch noahs car and noah was like a lap down and ross was 5th that guys still trouble and thats why Gibbs was the Xfinity champ last year.

  11. Speedy Productions

    If your saying “Hamlin wrecked Larson” you can see how close Larson was to the wall he was hella close but came down on Hamlin and boom

  12. Jim Kearns

    Mr. Hamlin wait til I see you in person!!!!!!!

  13. Zuhrie Ardie

    Chase Elliott is in the race again🎉

  14. Billcee

    Larson having a giggle about the fight after just losing the race shows how much of a chill character he is. What a class act

  15. Willian Balmant

    Larson always so composed after having his car violently murderered by so many jerks in this sport, i.e. Bubba, Chastain, Hamling, Reddick and so many other jerks with less talent than those ones.

  16. chrisw443

    Let em fight a little longer guys come on. Come on… Good win danny!

  17. 386xtcVevo

    The racist got what he deserved

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