My Tennis Betting Strategy with Trademate Sports

Pro Sports Bettor, Alex Vella, has been able to achieve a 7% ROI on Tennis with Trademate Sports. In this video he explains the specific approach he takes to Tennis, why he does that and how you can do the same!

0:00 Intro
1:00 Disclaimer
1:36 Why is Tennis Betting unique?
2:54 The Problem for Trademate users
3:49 What I did differently?
5:30 My Results
8:40 Trademate User Results
10:49 What to do now?



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Whether an APT or WTA event, tennis offers bettors a multitude of fun and exciting betting opportunities.

From betting on match winners or event winners, to betting on the total number of games played, tennis remains one of the world’s most popular sports to wager on.

If you want to know how to bet on tennis, Joe Osborne is here to help as he breaks down some of the basics of the sport. There can be great value in tennis betting, and getting familiar with the number of betting options in a match is a great place to find that value.

From discussing outright winners to spread betting, join Joe as he gets the new tennis bettor ready to serve up an ace at their sportsbook.

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  1. buu zuu

    i got alittle cheeky with tennis lose $60-$70 all up split it in $5s & $10s tryin beat it with combos afew weeks ago without knowin much was cheeky but had some money to spend
    lookin at it in pros view theres alot to look at i just want value mainly underdogs if i use minimum to bet so the guys just below the top guys on days i think they can bounce no doubt some r reserved in earler days & or perform better in othr countries or courts & time of day
    ive given tennis a rest in watchin the game wil resume in 2-4weeks film of certain people can b hard to find at times but tennis is ok from what i c as a punter



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  6. Gunna Raju

    Please provide your teligram channel ID

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