A simple strategy that I use to make sports betting my source of daily income…..

These are not sure bets…..stake cash you are ready to lose….and bet responsibly.

Choose your bet slip…max of 4-6 teams per slip (2 ODDS)

Good Luck!



  1. Mukram Jah

    Watch in 2x speed

  2. Duronto Design

    Did you think ever for highest earning in sports betting? try – Zcode system – (just google it, especially line reversals tool)? I’ve got pretty good results with it, when signal sensitivity is 14+ and smart money move arrow appearing and public over 65% on favorite

  3. Sur Pawar

    How u gona make 4500 out of 1500 pls explain the odds

  4. Sur Pawar

    2.00 each bets slip has 3 to 4 teams with an average odds of 2-3 please show this odd on whateve teams u provide. U don’t get such odds cox whatever odds u provide is very less sir.. correct me if I am wrong

  5. Sur Pawar

    With what betting odds you will make 4500 out 1500 pls explain

  6. Sur Pawar

    3.06 how in the world you will make 4500 out of 1500 when your odd are so less please explain

  7. Jason Cox

    I’m just seeing this video this is amazing info your really appreciated!!

  8. bharath kumar

    Bro I loss so much plz help me broo

  9. brock lesnar

    Sir ek sath 3 bet leni h kya

  10. Momen Kamal

    Keep going, nice strategy waiting for more

  11. ♜ Pìnned by xrp value

    Nice job Investor, i reshuffle your daily tips to make 1.3odds daily rollover. Thanks for being our reliable source to make money.

  12. Akshay Sonar

    Bro ok i knew your strategy but please tell how you select games like sequnce wise or randomly?

  13. Akshay Sonar

    Please explain tomorrow with from example of betting tips.

  14. Akshay Sonar

    Please tell this strategy is good for life time and how much time they failed

  15. sunshine forex 🥇

    for how long do you do that?
    and can you give an example in next video ,we won or we loss together

  16. Akshay Sonar

    Start 3 days rollover arround 1.3 to 1.7 odd very safe odd

  17. Betting Investor

    My simple strategy guys…comments…suggestions…are welcomed…

  18. Niroshan Mahesh

    Good Explain ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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