My 3 Best NFL Picks & Parlays for Sunday!

Sunday NFL Best Bets, Picks and Predictions for January 22nd!

2 Games on Sunday:
Bengals vs Bills
Cowboys vs 49ers


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  1. Chase Church

    loss, loss, loss this guy sucks

  2. Charles Darwin

    Well, was hoping you could correct your last NFL sides loss, but no. You picked Buffalo to cover and we know how that turned out. NFL sides are a different category! Don't try to mix in other plays.

  3. t holloway

    Chin up my man. what a run. You are an undeniable handicapping talent.

  4. ischadrick

    You’re the worst, I’ve place $1,655.08 and lost all my money. I put hurst was the only green check and deebo samuel only needed 20plus yards. And he only had 56 in total rushing & receiving. Thank you I’m unsubscribing, you cost me my bread.

  5. Nathan Marshall

    Under or over 75 receiving yards ceedee lamb??

  6. Michael Hill

    Man I appreciate you Austin, even though the 9th day failed let’s start it up again! This time I can start w/ u from the beginning

  7. Andy Mehlon

    Never bet against Joe Burrow!!!

  8. Kevin W

    ..we teased it down 12 points an bills still couldn't cover,💔🥹🥹 u have to do another 10-10k..your teaser sgp's are fire!! 🔥

  9. Chad

    great run on the ladder that was incredible… thx man i rode out 6 games and also ran a parlay w it to hit 6 strait parlays

  10. gene robinson

    joe burrow clears josh allen unfortunately

  11. Kevin W

    I tailed your 5 leg Parlay. LETTSS GO🔒🔒🔒

  12. Ty

    Austin for President giving out more cash then the Covid pandemic

  13. Kevin W

    You're a SAVAGEEEEEE!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  14. whydouneedakno

    If the Bills game goes under… I will be nuking the over in the Cowboys game.. So i am kinda hoping it is a low scoring game plus everyone already thinks the Niners game will be low scoring

  15. Rusty Shackleford

    Bills are an issue though. They insist on passing the ball when leading, and will run like the Chicago bears when behind. Resorting to traditional play calling because they're afraid of falling behind. It makes no sense other than to "blowout" their opponents; Which will bite them in the ass if they keep that up. They won't be blowing out anybody for the rest of the season.

  16. Dero Morris

    Been following a few weeks, love the breakdowns man! Definitely put your channel in the group chat

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