#MuffinMonday (Shatter Processing/Purging) #FreeTips!

Just a quick little video before I fill up the rest of the seven, hopefully showing a few of you how you can manipulate your event feature to purge much larger slabs of oil then you would normally be able to fit into your oven…
By the end of the day I’ll have three or four in the oven…all of this size. ✊

Zakaria Free Tips 🔴Live 1/02/2022 Part- 1 © Bangla 3D Calculation
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  1. NH to Cali

    Would have liked to have seen your finished product

  2. Pmo710

    Will you be my new best friend? Please sir?

  3. Austin Buring

    Question. What can a .9 cr oven realistically do in one go?

  4. Levi Burns

    So you leave the pump running during the whole 120hrs? How is that on oil and pump wear

  5. Michael F.

    How can you over vac it? Do you mean not to let muffin get to big

  6. Michael Murphy

    Lets call that trim as blasting trim

  7. Rabbit

    Damn I wanna work for u

  8. Hunter Armitage

    I wish you did step by step process of making wax and shatter with out talk and have like Bullet points

  9. Kyle Poteau

    Is purging to shatter then heat and whip and put on just heat to turn to crumble the new/better way?

  10. Joshua Chong

    Do you guys deliver to Canada?

  11. Noah Schwartz

    I didn't know weed oil could rise up and seeing those big bubbles are so cool

  12. Matthew Taylor

    Do u got a link for where u got ur oven? I’ve been looking for a good one

  13. Michael Beckelheimer

    Nicely done my guy. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the knowledge. So much debate these days like do you purge at high temps, do you purge at low temps, do you purge a high vacuum, do you purge at low vacuum, etc. One of the big ones I've seen and one that still has me scratching my head is whether or not to continuously vacuum throughout purge or to simply hold the vacuum with system sealed and shut. I noticed for the most part you continuously vac, this is what I've been doing as well. What are your opinions on the possible differences and final product from these two methods? 🙏

  14. Adam Loepker

    Any tips for purging live resin?

  15. MrWontstopthefunk

    So what happens if you turn off vac pump and leave under negative pressure with heat pad in vac chamber?? If it's stable, do you have to leave pump running or what? Concerned about leaving pump on long periods in general but a lot of these pumps are cheap Chinese and could start a fire easy

  16. Terry Kelsey

    Do you use a cold trap to prevent solvent from going through the vacuum pump? I didn't see one. Ive been worried about this in my own "lab."

    Thanks for the great video

  17. Harry Hustler

    what tempature do you run it at 89F? for the entire cook?

  18. Jeff Atherton

    Is there any possibility that you can answer 1 question for me. When vacuum purging can you turn off the pump and close the valve and hold it at vacuum without the pump constantly running?

    Or does the pump have to run constantly in order to purge it properly?

  19. Kimo Keliiholokai

    I’m a stage 4 bladder cancer survivor and I want the purest, cleanest THC for my medicine. Please let me know thank you again.

  20. Kimo Keliiholokai

    How can I get a video of your complete process for making shatter? Do you have a video or a book for sale? Please let me know thank you.

  21. mf hossain

    গেম ডাবল নাকি সিংগেল বলুন

  22. Md,fazlu

    ভাই টোটাল কি আছে এবার???

  23. Kyawswar Thintswe


  24. Md Abutaleb hava in saudia

    খুব সুন্দর
    ভাই এগিয়ে যান পাশে ছিলাম আছি এবং থাকব 💕

  25. Md Salim

    আসসালামু আলাইকুম ওরাহমাতুল্লাহ ভাই দেখতেছি লাইভ ভালই লাগতেছে হিসাবটা খুবই ভালো আমার মনে হইতেছে ধন্যবাদ সাথে আছি

  26. Md jahangir jahangir

    ভাই আপনে কেমন আছেন আর আপনার ফরমুলা ভালো আর মানুষ টাও ভালো

  27. Suhel Ahmed

    good route brother

  28. King dress Bisht making

    ঙ্কিন এ দেখা যাচ্ছে না

  29. Ahmed Jahed

    Boro Bhai Salam niben apner video ta tw dekha jar nah keno vai,

  30. Md Bhu3535

    5 single 5 Nai to game Nai

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