Mom walks out after son Jacob Copeland commits to Florida | ESPN

No. 40 overall prospect Jacob Copeland breaks down his decision to commit to the University of Florida and why his mom walked out after the announcement.

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  1. lets bash !!!!🥎

    Tell the truth about why that mother got up and left

  2. 210jay

    How she leave knowing his dad died… that's cold. She is selfish, ungrateful, disrespectful…. and the Grandma needs to slap her. I'm so proud of him, it's not easy making it to College

  3. ezekiel Von lichenstein

    Go gators

  4. youknowwhatflav

    His mother didn't have to do all of that its his life

  5. dbookin

    She should be ashamed of herself!

  6. Junkyard Caclo Dog

    Florida’s better anyway 🤷‍♂️

  7. Scousered

    Sounds punch drunk 🥴

  8. KandI Megahan

    When my mother and father

    forsake me,

    then the Lord will

    take care of me.

    Ps.27:10 NKJV

  9. LaSonya W

    He had to go with HIS HEART… he’s A GROWN MAN …let it go mom ….he has to do what God lead him to do🙌🏽

  10. Gilitar

    Proved to be a bad choice IMO. The Gators are in shambles and he could have done much more at Bama.

  11. Joshua T

    I remember this and honestly I understand both sides of Thai I really do because it's his mom and honestly I wouldn't do that to my mom and my mom probably would storm off like his did but again I feel that he should have told him mom the truth before he selected out there and allowing his mom to be wearing other school gear and hat knowing your not going to that team and far as his mom I feel she shouldn't be upset and storm off you should be happy he made it to a school and got a scholarship that's rare so she should have been filled with joy no matter his choice but he still
    Should have just told her before and saved all the hate and dissing your mom now is getting because you brought her out in other school gear that you know you are not going to so this was avoidable and should have been avoided imo

  12. xGRIM-_-REAPERv

    alabama i bet his mom and her mom wanted him to go there 😂

  13. Esmooth The God

    If her son wasn't going to college she wouldn't give two ucks about him.

  14. Omni Vee

    This doesn’t shock me 🤣

  15. Brandon Mack

    Y’all clearly don’t know the whole story. He was involved with gangs in Florida. His family didn’t want him to stay there.

  16. mrknowitalllt1

    dude in the blue shirt was supporting him because he was getting PAID to get him to commit to florida

  17. Backroadshrty

    She a clown he made a good decision!

  18. Hard Livings

    For some reason Tennessee color pisses me off

  19. Justin Trosper

    one word SAD

  20. Sean N

    I think some parents have this issue. They forget to realize that it's not themselves that have to go to this school it's their child. The child has to be comfortable and happy with their decision. The parents need to not be thinking they should have a say in where their kid goes. As long as he is a level headed kid and is not going to get In trouble, who cares.

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