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MLB free picks for today by statistics professor and sports betting expert!

Includes 4 system picks and tips for May 2nd, 2023!

The predictions will come from two sources:
1) Proven Winning Betting Systems
2) A Realistic Baseball Simulation Program

Professor MJ has developed 19 specific winning MLB betting systems based on data on 7 full seasons.

Those betting strategies have proven to be profitable and they fit Professor MJ’s contrarian approach to sports betting.

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    Dont doubt the professor he is a wise man 😊

  2. kbousim

    I made so much money just reading the comments. When I hear something positive and why i team should win i bet against them. Same thing when someone mention something bad i bet on them. Its always the oppositve. By the way -115 to -160 are usually losers long term betting the fav you'll be in the negative. I'll take my chances with the crappier pitcher as the underdog for + money.

  3. Steven Lima

    Hi, I got
    Leafs Vs panthers over 1.5 goals in first period
    Nats Vs cubs over 8.5 runs take care my friend

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  5. L-Dawg

    Atlanta had a double header the day before and had to travel. They will be tired

  6. Timothy Sackett

    due to the doubleheader the Braves just played against the Mets and quick turnaround flight to Miami the well rested Marlins are actually favored in this game.. I will take the Marlins in the 1st 5 innings- don't trust their bullpen

  7. Larry Kelly

    We are back at it again we are crushing the books lets keep rolling

  8. pagong relampagos

    professor, where can i find some of your. NBA picks? thank you


    SMH scaring me off the twins thought it was a lock today 🤦🏾‍♂️

  10. John Revelation

    I can't sign up for the free content even on my laptop 🤷🏻‍♂️ maybe it's because I already have an account?

  11. Rick

    The Marlins have problems scoring runs . So even if he pitches a good game. The braves only need 3 runs🤣

  12. PocketAces

    The Yankees was a good call yesterday, too bad they blew it in the 9th. We'll get it back today with Arizona! Thanks for the play!!

  13. Stringer Bell

    I am Atlanta Braves fan but I'm not betting against him even though we know him more with the batter's but I will catch next game

  14. Stringer Bell

    He's not having a good season but that Marlins picture is a monster

  15. whiskey_kisses R.

    Hello is it better just to take Ari 1st 5 innings

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