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  1. Randy Rose

    I like UNC Ashville, Lehigh, UMASS Lowell, UMBC, Stonehill, Cal Baptist, Dayton

  2. Bryan Gutierrez

    sochan and trent sold but it’s all good because i have faith we’re bouncing back tmr cuz you still the goat cash keg

  3. reapz

    If I wanna just see your prize picks bets Parlays which patreon do I choose

  4. cgmakesbeats

    sochan, irving, and trent jr all missed🤦‍♂️ cmon man

  5. Pro Pulls

    Really hope Sochan can get something going in the 2nd half!!

  6. GIO559

    Sochan 1h choked smh 0 pts didn’t play 2nd Qrt 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Chip

    I’m in discord will you be updating the plays in chat ? Or somewhere else ??

  8. Chase Beal-Sharp

    They added a fantasy prop for Sochan at 13.5. Do you prefer that or points for first half?

  9. TheInfamousMELL TV

    Appreciate it! Let’s get it!! 💰💰💰

  10. R Williams

    Capella gonna have Ayton on lock.

  11. Diego Moreno

    What about De Aaron fox over 25 points today?

  12. KillaTrim Official

    Bro! Lets ride the wave! Great breakdown once again!

  13. Zosarr

    Great Vid✅✅how does Jabari Smith Jr. Under 3pt made look honestly?

  14. David N

    sochan over 2.5 assists ✅

  15. ramsey916

    Would you recommend power or flex plays

  16. olatunji ebifemi

    whats your instagram or twitter ?

  17. Phillip Hale

    Went 10/10 a couple days ago then last night 10-1-1 can't thank you enough brother!! Keep it up

  18. Adam

    Do you pay taxes on your picks? And what’s and easy was to keep it low?

  19. TRP Big P.

    “simmons is kind of a bum” fucking hilarious

  20. Chase Gehringer

    If we start with 100$ and get 2 locks for 6 days straight we will get 24,000 and 216,000 for 8 days straight if y’all have the balls not cash out. LETS GET RICH

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