Michigan Football News On Donovan Edwards, 2023 Ohio State QB, Jayden Davis Recruiting Rumors

Michigan Football Report mailbag with host James Yoder on January 21, 2023 from our Wednesday LIVE show. James is rocking an AWESOME Commuter shirt from Rhone – get 20% off and free shipping with promo code CHATSPORTS at https://www.rhone.com/CHATSPORTS. What repercussions does the Matt Weiss investigation have on recruiting including with Jayden Davis? Will Weiss be with the Michigan Football program for the 2023 college football season? What will the offensive approach look like with both Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards back? Would the Michigan Wolverines have won the 2023 College Football Playoff National Championship with a healthy Corum and Luke Schoonmaker? More Michigan Football news and rumors on C.J. Stroud, Zak Zinter, Trevor Keegan,Darrius Clemons, Cornelius Johnson and Roman Wilson.

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Today’s Michigan football news and rumors mailbag questions:
– Does the Matt Weiss’ firing impact the potential of 5-star quarterback Jayden Davis coming to the Michigan Wolverines?
– Would the Michigan football team have won the 2023 College Football Playoff National Championship with a healthy Blake Corum and Luke Schoonmaker?
– What are James Yoder’s picks for the 2023 Michigan football offensive line depth chart? Names include: Zak Zinter, Trente Jones, LaDarius Henderson, Trevor Keegan, Drake Nugent and Karsen Barnhart.
– What is the offensive approach going to look like for Michigan football in 2023 in particular with Donovan Edwards and Blake Corum? How will the carries be split among the two powerhouse running backs?
– What is the quarterback situation at Ohio State University after C.J. Stroud announced his declaration to the 2023 NFL Draft?
– What is the latest on Jayden Davis and what is the latest on Jim Harbaugh visiting 5-star quarterback Dylan Raiola?
– Does Darrius Clemons play a big part for the Michigan Wolverines offense and help strengthen the wide receiver depth chart with Cornelius Johnson and Roman Wilson? Who is going to be the starting running back between Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards?
– Is 2025 5-star quarterback Byrce Underwood better than both Jayden Davis and Dylan Raiola at quarterback?

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2023 Michigan Football Schedule
Sept. 2 East Carolina
Sept. 9 UNLV
Sept. 16 Bowling Green
Sept. 23 Rutgers
Sept. 30 at Nebraska
Oct. 7 at Minnesota
Oct. 14 Indiana
Oct. 21 at Michigan State
Oct. 28 Bye
Nov. 4 Purdue
Nov. 11 at Penn State
Nov. 18 at Maryland
Nov. 25 Ohio State
Dec. 2 Big Ten Championship

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2023 Michigan Football Wide Receiver Depth Chart
WR 1: Cornelius Johnson (5th), Karmello English (freshman)
WR 2: Darrius Clemons (Sophomore), Cristian Dixon (RS Sophomore)
Slot: Roman Wilson (Senior), Tyler Morris (Sophomore), AJ Henning (Senior)

2023 Michigan Football Offensive Line Depth Chart
LT: LaDarius Henderson (5th), Myles Hinton (Senior)
LG: Trevor Keegan (5th), Giovanni El-Hadi (RS Sophomore)
C: Drake Nugent (5th), Greg Crippen (RS Sophomore)
RG: Zak Zinter (Senior), Reece Atteberry (RS Junior)
RT: Karsen Barnhart (5th), Trente Jones (5th)

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More rushing yards in 2023?
Blake Corum – Type BC
Donovan Edwards – Type DE

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