Mel Kiper Jr’s Mock 1.0 and Top NFL Draft Picks for 2022 | First Draft

Field Yates and Mel Kiper Jr. are here to breakdown Mel Kiper Jr.’s favorite draft picks from his NFL Mock Draft 1.0. Mel will gladly talk about which players are locked in at the top of the draft order. As we prepare for Mock Draft 2.0, Mel and Field will discuss which players are moving up on the draft list. In an unusual draft that headlined by Defensive Ends, Mel will explain where he expects the Quarterbacks in the 2022 draft order.

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Brady Quinn and Pete Prisco join CBS Sports HQ to pick every game on the Week 18 NFL slate.

0:00-6:01 Chiefs at Broncos
6:02-8:09 Cowboys at Eagles
8:10-11:17 Titans at Texans
11:18-13:59 Colts at Jaguars
14:00-16:45 Steelers at Ravens
16:46-19:24 Bengals at Browns
19:25-21:30 Packers at Lions
21:31-23:02 Bears at Vikings
23:03-25:29 Washington at Giants
25:30-27:36 49ers at Rams
27:37-29:30 Seahawks at Cardinals
29:31-30:29 Saints at Falcons
30:30-34:26 Panthers at Buccaneers
34:27-36:24 Jets at Bills
36:25-38:22 Patriots at Dolphins
38:23-43:24 Chargers at Raiders


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  1. Tony Jones

    Tbh,I’m pretty sure Jacksonville trades with Houston

  2. Patrick Overbey

    That Bengals sweatshirt!!! FIRE ….. NICE!!!

  3. Relax Mood Sounds

    Watch out for Zappe

  4. Josh Ruciano

    giantys could draft jesus christ himself and still be trash

  5. Kenneth Stemmler

    Is it just me or does field yates head movements drive ya nuts 🤔

  6. Eric Samuelson

    I'm sure glad he isn't the Jets GM.

  7. Demetrius

    So this is gonna Be a Weekly Show Sweet!!!

  8. Michael Cooper

    I wish I could be as wrong as Mel as much as he is and still keep my job

  9. MG

    I’ve been raving about Ojabo. Something about him

  10. Jonathan Dutra


  11. Jonathan Dutra

    I think Giants should jump on Matt Corral & Replace Saquan Barkley. They need a new identity.

  12. Za Warudo

    The Lions were 31st in sacks and 28th in turnovers. They are not getting a QB.

  13. Bob Whitebread

    The Eagles need to use all 3 first round picks on defense.

  14. Tim G

    Lions should try and trade back. If not, draft Kyle Hamilton with the first 1st round pick and a WR with the 2nd 1st rounder. Then draft a linebacker with their 2nd round pick. Then with the 4th round pick draft QB Bailey Zappe.

  15. Nath BONE!

    "The best player we played against all year is Will Anderson BY FAR because he keeps coming"
    'Warren McClendon RT for UGA'

  16. luv4jets

    The NY Jets have a lot of holes to fill. How ever this draft plays out . If I were the NY Jets, I would pick all offensive side or the defensive .Take care one side of the ball so the the next year you don't have as many holes you have the offensive side already taken care of It doesn't really matter because the Jets aren't going to make the Super Bowl anytime soon. It looks like how this draft is going to play out offensive tackle and center in the 1st round with their first 2 picks maybe tight end ,wide receiver and running back with the 2 second round picks.

  17. Zach Spaar

    Watch Kenny Pickett get drafted by the lions!

  18. M Y

    Giants please don't mess up this draft. We have 2 top 10 picks. Gotta hit them!!!!!!!

  19. Ghost Adventure

    Want lose money listen to that old dude

  20. Igor Gopshtein

    Both guys finished 6-10 in their picks this week 18. Goes to show you, that no one really knows what they are talking about. You can analyze the games all you want, but it all means nothing!!

  21. Rodney Jackson

    Give some respect to those Raiders, the Chargers are not a better team, they are pretty even, on any given day they could beat each other, Raiders lost to Giants but Chargers lost to Texans but Raiders are in playoffs Chargers going home because of poor coaching

  22. Pablo Chavez

    I love seeing these “experts” post the results.

  23. Spritespitfire

    This weekend is a lot of team's Super Bowl.

  24. Alex Amez

    I love this show and this ending "no yelling no fake debates" Ha shots are fired 😀

  25. Miguelangel Macias

    Chargers over Raiders
    Ravens beat the Steelers
    49ers humble the Rams…again

  26. J From

    Oakland does this for John madden they’re weren’t given chances they earned it , and this 1 be will earned

  27. Bmega81

    Awful run defense equals one and done in the playoffs. Lol

  28. PrinceHornet

    Quinn is on with those over/unders!! Made some $$ this season. Thanks Bro!

  29. Simo Glumac

    It's like watching two exes argue over and over again.

  30. Tyler Haynie

    So.. is there a slim chance Jags beat the Colts? Or is it near impossible/need a Jesus coming to the gridiron type miracle for this to be possible?

  31. Ralph Gwendolyn

    MVP should already be decided by the last game of the week

  32. Ed Murphy

    Colts are the dagger in the heart of many hopefuls. Steelers and Ravens out regardless of who wins and loser of Chargers and Raiders is out. Lots of cities rooting for the Jags this weekend… vain unfortunately.

  33. P betancourt

    Raiders 31 chargers 17

  34. Scott Rud

    Go Chargers!⚡️⚡️⚡️

  35. Luis Lara

    Chargers bby ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡💚⚡⚡⚡💚💚💚💚💚⚡⚡⚡⚡

  36. Jake Valent

    Brady sweatin! 🤣
    Prisco with the squeeze

  37. MAS

    Who are all these people who can afford to go to road games?
    I wanna go Vegas and watch the bills.
    Maybe next yr.

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