1. xstatic6

    Can the NBA McFarlane ones be taken out of the sticks?

  2. David Ragan

    Awesome collection bro

  3. David Ragan

    Awesome collection

  4. hanami

    Great collection bro! <3

  5. Ant Live

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 dope

  6. Mr 888

    Some of these McFarlane figure's faces do not match at all. Like no where near the real person

  7. Randomness

    Just finding out about these. Wow not sure where to start

  8. jcabale17

    I just recently started collecting these. It’s addicting! Nice collection man

  9. Frank Spicci

    Nice Collection Man!!

  10. Clayseph16

    Just decided to begin collecting today, I wish I could get the ones you have but they are very scarce.

    I only have Lonzo (if he turns out to have a good career it becomes a smart $10 purchase.)

    Kristaps Porzingis (Same reason, also only $10 aud which is like $6 American)

    And Andre Drummond which was also $10.

    In two days I plan on getting Giannis, Lebron and James Harden. I hope that if I be consistent, about 10 years from now I will have a wicked newish collection and hopefully I can get some historic players later on down the track.

  11. Tiger G

    sick shelves my friend but it's pretty disrespectful to have Walter Payton in the back corner like that

  12. mgocubs

    Does anyone still collect these? I was in hella into them, then they just got boring. I have around a hundred of them. But just put them totes in the basement.

  13. Soup

    Fran Tarkenton is straight money.

  14. Cristian Tapia

    I'll buy the magic figure

  15. JDP1977

    Are those 6 inch or 12 inch figures?

  16. Amp

    Need classics like John Starks reggae Miller larry bird

  17. Kyle Mesia

    Some boss figurines

  18. James Reuben Boquiren

    Sir where can i buy this nba backboard?

  19. robert baker

    I just started my collection I have around 30

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