Mastering the Fundamentals: Preflop Strategy

Mastering the Fundamentals: Preflop Strategy

Mastering the Fundamentals: Preflop Strategy

Watch my video on postflop strategy here:

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Modules 4-7 of Master the Fundamentals. Get the full 19-module course for free:

00:00 – Module 4 – Preflop Strategy: Starting Hands
06:51 – Module 5 – Preflop Strategy: Three Main Reasons to Bet
12:23 – Module 6 – Preflop Strategy: When Everyone Folds to You
24:39 – Module 7 – Preflop Strategy: When You Get 3-Bet

Module 8 – Preflop Strategy: When Facing Limpers
Module 9 – Preflop Strategy: When Someone Raises Before You
Module 10 – Preflop Strategy: When There is Lots of Action
Module 11 – Postflop Strategy
Module 12 – Postflop: Flop Strategy
Module 13 – Postflop: Multiway
Module 14 – Postflop: Turn Strategy
Module 15 – Postflop: River Strategy
Module 16 – Stack Size Adjustments
Module 17 – Tournament Adjustments
Module 18 – Bankroll Management
Module 19 – Continued Learning

Get the full course for free:


  1. Nathaniel Gorham

    What is 4-bet? Is that just any bet after a reraise? Or the second reraise?

  2. eugene ahmad

    Question….. what about hen ppl at the table ur at are not taking any of these things in consideration??? At low stakes???

  3. Bob Dylan

    why would u want to raise more the tighter the blinds play? At least w the small blind doesn’t that just mean they fold most of their hands (you gain nothing) and then call with their good hands? (you lose EV?)

    Sorry if I’m missing something obvious here. Ive never actually played in a casino or proper online poker. Only casual games and pokernow’s 0-stakes friendly tournaments. (I want to have a decent understanding of ranges and position before I play “real poker”). The majority of the hands I’ve played (probably over 95%) have everybody limping in. so I’m assuming there’s a fundamental aspect of the game I’m missing.

  4. DinoDrill 17

    Your module overviews and descriptions are not consistent with the overviews in other videos, e.g. the post flop strategy one. Apart from that, great content!

  5. fifteendollarbill

    Hello, few questions.
    1. So on the chart "when everyone folds to you" is there no big blind chart?

    2. How do you know your position once people start getting out and leaving the table? Once you have 4 people instead of 9 how do you know what positions are left and what position you are?

  6. G Woody

    Yeah my game changed when I realized a few things. I used to play any ace or face and would always pay to see a flop. And I had a hard time folding aces and faces. I never thought about position either.
    I started thinking as though my opponant has the best hand possible w the board, and started presenting as though I had the best hand possible on the board. I realized that perception is often more important than reality in Poker. Changed everything.
    What throws me off now is that I play a lot of home games with people who 'don't know how to play" 🤣
    Trying to figure out ranges and what they got by how they bet is worthless with people that play random cards and make random bets. Just gotta keep in mind they are as likely to have trash as they are a winning hand, and they don't know how to play either hand right. 🤣
    The only real advantage is that they rarely fold if they have anything… pair of 3's and they are going all the way lol. And their bluffs are pretty obvious.
    But then they play trip 3s the same as a pair of 3s so I been caught a few times thinking my 2 pair was golden. 🤣

  7. Jayna Williams

    If you have the AKo vs 22 you will lose 52% of the time and win 47% of the time. But lose WHAT? Or I should say, how MUCH? I want to be the one with 22 in a 50/100 game. But, in a 1/2 game if I happen to have AKo vs 22, I'm not going to be as much worried and thank God it isn't a 50/100 game.

  8. rios

    I heard "semi bluff" is not a real thing…

  9. Put naik

    Does this imply then that you never call under the gun? You always just fold or raise?

  10. Beanmachine91

    lets drink fermented raw sewage, do you huff paint?

  11. Vegan 2020

    I followed this exactly, just finished 2nd out of 212 people first try!

  12. Count Jinsula

    Google algorithm really is freaky. I get recommended this video after discussing having a poker night with a friend…

  13. SiimplyJessica

    What are stacks? Kickers? What's Equity? Under the gun? Limp? These type of poker terms I just don't understand. And why does your range chart divide things in o & s? Do Ace-Kings suited best the ace-Kings off suited?

  14. Mike Astro

    You don't understand. 3 3 are bad hand as long as the flop is not 3 3 7 !

  15. Incommodus Verum

    I am a beginner and I have some trouble understanding post flop play. Any tips on books, videos?

  16. Jason

    He has some good advice,just like playing weak aces ,like he said you are going to run into trouble, probably your chips going to someone with ace king

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