Manchester United v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/19/2023 | NBC Sports

Marcus Rashford’s brace led the way for Manchester United in an impressive 3-0 drubbing of Leicester City. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited #Leicester
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Manchester United v. Leicester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/19/2023 | NBC Sports
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  1. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ

    Repent to Jesus Christ “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.””
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  2. Victor

    Who ever takes over Manchester United should make it their life mission to keep Erik Ten Hag for the next 50 years 😅

  3. Scroto Saggins

    Leicester actually played really well with many chances. They just needed to be more clinical in their finishing.

  4. Eoin Gilligan

    The glory days are finally returning GGMU !!!!!!

  5. Ulisses Mendoza

    De Gea saved Man U dam COYF 🦊

  6. Sly Villa

    Best Goalkeeper In The Universe For Me,Y'all Sleeping On David🍾🙏🏆💥💯👹

  7. Sly Villa

    Biggest Club In The Universe👹💯💥🙏🔝🍾🏆

  8. Left Box Anderson

    Ten Hag has done something special with this team. Think about what we were saying about them 12 months ago. Wow. Just hoping we will be repeating the same about Chelsea.

  9. Mrbin

    Great to see Sancho on the scoresheet plus rashy is still on 🔥🔥

  10. Zac Bruin

    It's good to see rashford flying. I'm a spurs fan but I never thought untied gave him a fair chance. Look at him now.

  11. Mr Who Annon

    Leicester were the better team all game. It’s one of those, you’re the batter team but lose 3-0, deep.

  12. Erik Barajas

    That pass by wegherst on sanchos near second 💪🏽🔥

  13. Daniel Lewis

    Three goals due to poor defending by Faes. Looked like a chicken with his head cut off.

  14. NeoIBelieve matrix

    You have no idea how much I want man utd to challenge the tittle this year and stay at top and absolutely go for that prem tittle!.. but as per usual there's always a but when man utd involved, they always build you up and let you down.. hopefully this won't be the case

  15. Mac Jett

    Faez terrible game

  16. Dee Diaz

    NBC highlights are unmatched

  17. Jude

    That first goal by Rashford is a selfish goal! There is someone in a better position to score. Even though he scored, the coach should yell at him for that.

  18. Frank Michael Smith

    Does anyone really believe a graphic is more GOAT'd than the 1st down line?

  19. Michele Posey

    Like the add sponsor boards this season

  20. David Johnson

    Is this puck the failure or is the NHL the failure?

  21. InformalGreeting

    I loved the glowing puck. I complain that it isn’t there every time I watch a game on tv.

  22. MrTag89

    I actually like the glow 😂

  23. Snarky User

    I liked it.

  24. Mac7504

    I remember that. I was torn on it and it never tracked well enough to make use for the casual viewer. Especially on the tvs back then. I always wondered about what happened to it tbh. Lol

  25. Michael Mounce

    The glowing puck was a great idea and they need to bring it back.

  26. Keith Deal

    Usually my man, you’re on point. This is a miss for me. I was like 14 when they did this and it was fucking great!!!!

  27. Brave Cat

    That glow and only the glow needs to be added! Hard enough to track the puck slurping down beer and snacks

  28. Daniel Hall

    It's a great invention

  29. Christopher Rhorer

    Two or three years ago they modified this at the all star game displaying a grey streak that showed the puck and about a 5’ trail. Add that to a much clearer TV picture now vs 1997 and it was an obvious upgrade.

    I could see the NHL regularly adopting this new grey streak in the near future especially given how other sports are trying to enhance viewership.

    One thing that made the “glowing puck” super weird was the play along the near boards. You can’t see the puck on the TV there but the glowing puck was showing thru. They need to figure a way to make that more eye pleasing because it kinda was off putting.

  30. John C

    I beg to differ. The true worse invention to the NHL was the idea that Gary Bettman would be the commissioner of the NHL

  31. Christina Lundelius

    They recently had a little computer graphic trail on it and I loved that because I could see where it was being passed to or when it was shot! Bring it bacckkkk

  32. CryptoBunny

    I would see an improve version today.

  33. Chip

    That was actually a good idea I think. When I watch hockey with my gf who doesn’t know nothing about the game always says “where’s the puck” lol

  34. The NSA

    The worst invention was the no limit on goalie pad width.

  35. ImAModerator

    I don’t care what anyone says the glow is a fucking great idea. Hockey and lacrosse along with some other sports all have the same fucking problem when it gets to the pro level which is that the object gets passed and moves so fast at the pro level it’s hard to keep up even for the players in the game

  36. howdieOG

    As someone who isn’t big into hockey I think this would make me watch it

  37. hm2ls

    I remember when they came out. It was a great idea. Especially for those who have no idea what’s going on when they can’t see the puck. The people who booted were the same 15 people who watch hockey now. Which is why it will never be a wi ly profitable or mass appeal sport. Let those 15 people enjoy the misery.

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