Manchester City v. Wolves | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/22/2023 | NBC Sports

Erling Haaland’s hat trick was the difference as Manchester City rolled past Wolves at the Etihad. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #Wolves
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Manchester City v. Wolves | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 1/22/2023 | NBC Sports

Burnley are riding high in the Championship this season under fledgling coach Vincent Kompany – and they’re doing it in style. The former Manchester City star has already earned comparisons to Pep Guardiola for his quick transition from Sean Dyche’s defensive set-up, and with loanee stars like City’s Taylor Harwood-Bellis and Chelsea’s Ian Maatsen in the squad, he’s also making a name for himself as a developer of young talent. But how has he done it? What do Burnley play like? And how can Nottingham Forest and Brentford help them prepare for a return to the Premier League?

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  1. Moosh

    Can we discuss how bad this referee is every single game?

  2. Mike Crawch

    So selfless of Riyad Mahrez and so humble of Haaland of going straight to Mahrez to give the credit where it was mostly due.

  3. Orville Mcpherson

    I’m just watching highlights but this is worst refereeing I’ve seen…you can’t give a penalty for tangled feet….unnecessary yellow cards allowing the game to play when it’s a obvious foul!!!

  4. Junior clos

    these soft pens are crazy now a days

  5. Caio Botelho

    So why is pep playing R.Lewis over his other options?

  6. Becks Dennis

    Nah I gotta respect Haaland pointing to Mahrez after he scored his third, it's the small things like that that count

  7. AyyyItsLiam

    Doesn’t man city know it’s rude to play with their food??

  8. Daniel Lee

    How was that not a card for city in the beginning against heechan???

  9. Warrior for Christ Sergio

    Red card on Rico Lewis waaatttt

  10. Joe Rodonda


  11. miano 8

    This commentator has to be fired

  12. Nestor Canjura

    I feel sorry for Ruben Neves, I’m always seeing dude take Ls lmao

  13. Neville Achero

    why wasn't Rico lewis given a yellow card for bringing down that wolves player?

  14. Tu Di

    First yellow card is unacceptable. Soccer player nowadays too weak

  15. John Vegas

    What's the referee doing with those early decisions? The foul called in favor of Rico Lewis ??

  16. Arcturus Flame


  17. Brandon Kistler

    This ref is complete garbage. Terrible calls all game. Honestly needs to be benched after this performance!

  18. Raptortye

    Couldn't do it in the Bundesliga though

  19. Harr

    Haaland if he keeps this up will ruin the numbers debate in football. At his age he's probably gonna end up competing with his own records!

  20. Jay Gall

    Watching this as an Everton fan, possibly getting Burnley's anti-football, defensive Sean Dyche inevitably approaching the championship.

  21. Johan Soons

    why u are prazing this trainer? u clearly dont know, its only temporary. he is not as great as u think he is

  22. captain joker sparrow

    Tiki taka

  23. Ethan Casson

    Come on you CLARETS 💙💜

  24. Gonzo

    Burnley will be big trouble for the bottom half of the EPL, the better teams may rout them once or twice. Overall the fans are pretty happy, good football back on the Turf.

  25. Harrison87

    Kompany learned from the best just like Arteta 👍👍👍

  26. Stark

    Isnt laliga the toughest league?

  27. 플로리안 노이하우스 (Blue&Claret)

    5:23 Good point

  28. Richard Morton

    Knock, Knock.. who's there? Everton

  29. Chris Wilkinson

    I always thought it could have gone either way for Vincent kompany at Burnley. Either a total disaster or an inspired appointment.Thankfully it looks like the latter.

  30. kingof206

    I always thought he was a very smart player due to his humongous head. He looks like Megamind. Mark my words.. he will be one of the most sought after coaches

  31. บอมบ์ เบย์

    Very good 😊👍

  32. Jack

    This video felt very negative, despite how well Burnley are doing

  33. cartass

    When dyche went i could of cried ….now I've never been happier…UTC !!!

  34. Casey James

    Some good analysis but lots of just looking at statistics and drawing conclusions.

    We don't keep possession for possession sake – the number is high because a lot of teams sit in against us so we're naturally going to have a lot more of the ball – if given a choice we'd like to advance the ball towards the goal quickly – just not recklessly. In the PL we will be well suited to counter some teams quickly, no issues there.

  35. Andrew Parkinson

    "The team has at least one way of improving quickly and that's on set pieces." Scott Twine has entered the chat.

  36. flyoverfred

    Clarets battered Bournemouth away a few weeks ago, don't worry about XG, they'll be fine – Kompany knows what is required in P, he has zero experience of the Championship so this season was a bigger concern. Nobody had heard of Benson or Zaroury 6 months ago, Kompany & Co can clearly find hidden gems and as long as they continue to do Burnley will be fine

  37. Harry Wilson

    As a burnley fan I agree with everything said except for the comment on vk making players fitter
    Dyche only played players who where 100% fit and I do not think that VK has made the players he inherited fitter

  38. Lee Massey

    How would u recreate VK tactics in Fifa career mode

  39. Dragon Of The West

    Why are you down playing defense
    … smh

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