Liverpool optimistic of signing Jude Bellingham

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Liverpool are optimistic about signing Jude Bellingham in the summer according to Sky Germany.

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  1. SleepWalker

    Jude Don't go to Liverpool Sir… We will See You in the Future BCFC KRO

  2. 3oycey 123

    Liverpool have nothing to offer in terms of football if lucky europa league at best.

  3. CreativityCell

    Jude wants the challenge of following Gerrard into Midfield legend status! He can win everything in Prem with Liverpool, special club, fans, stadium in best league for every English player! The he"ll go to Madrid and do same in 4 years time! Job done. He's know if goes to Madrid aged 20! He only gets 4 real games a season ( Barca, Athletico Madrid)and the Champs League! He's got 10 years ahead of him! No English player wants 10 years at Madrid without playing in Prem! And doing Madrid then Prem, makes no career development sense! Liverpool could offer £80M! They still getting him sooner or later, no matter what City, Chelsea, or Madrid offer! Or what money Dortmund want to squeeze out!! 🤣

  4. CreativityCell

    Liverpool could drop £120M if they wanted to! But they choose not to engage in silly money transfers, rightly so believing their special club shouldn't have too! I agree! It's only the likes of Chelsea n City who have buy History and club status! Liverpool don't have to! Players either want to become legends, or they want earn a few extra million by time they retire.🤔

  5. CreativityCell

    He'd go to Liverpool if they were in Champs League n flying like past few years! But Klopp is winding down at LFC, I think he's going decide on Madrid! 🤔

  6. kyle coleman

    Liverpool are more likely to wait for a relegated team to make a purchase.

  7. S K

    How are Dortmund in a financial situation they rinse Prem clubs for players every year?

  8. Drip

    no CL and people still think he will go Chelsea or Pool but nope want happen we all know hell go city and that's it

  9. S.A

    Utd should go all out for Jude in the Summer

  10. Simon Menzies

    It’ll be too late by then.
    No chance top 4 this season

  11. Tanah Chapwanya

    Why are we signing these expensive youngsters? Can't we look at other leagues and buy maybe 4 cheap players from maybe Monaco, etc. There are so many leagues with a lot of youngsters who can build team depth. You can't buy Bellingham, Nunez and Gapko at a high price then end up not even making the top 4. That's a huge flop at the end of season. Let's not look at these big names and start focusing on the future youngsters. Our team right now has been the worst because we're selective on who we're buy. The team is made up of mostly Dutch, British and Brazillian players. Are you telling me that there are no Polish players

  12. Haider Mahmood

    it aint happening cuz

  13. James Williams

    Hahahahaha nonsense. The Liverpool media merchants out in force again. The chance to become the next Steven Gerrard is the best bit 😂😂😂

  14. Toby Holkham

    belingham and sallah deadly :O

  15. MGC

    I'll eat my own head of we sign him.

  16. Robot boy

    I personally think he would suit the Arsenal system. Would be a lot of competition but he would thrive.

  17. jonesy 1

    Hopefully he doesn’t go to Liverpool, just doesn’t seem like the right club for him

  18. Twelve Uhr

    Liverpool need more than Bellingham. This season is an absolute write off and a massive learning curve.
    1) They badly needed to rejuvenate the midfield but instead bought defenders and attackers.
    2) What was the thinking behind Arthur?
    3) Why haven't they experimented with Trent in midfield? Ramsay seems a very competent RB so far.
    4) Jan arrives and still no midfielders.
    5) Gakpo seems to play without any instruction. If he's not touching the ball, bring him back to a no.10. I do believe he's good though.
    6) Too reliant/hopeful on youth! Elliott, Bajcetic, Carvalho and Doak are good but not quite good enough to start yet.
    7) I don't see why Henderson is captain as he's far from Stevie G. Stop saying he's 'different' and just admit he's not quite good enough.
    8) Stop playing Milner in defence when we have Phillips to free up Gomez at RB.
    9) Gomez has done nothing to deserve a new contract and the no.2 shirt. NOTHING. Even Alisson's scored a goal.
    10) Give Alisson a massive rollocking otherwise he'll continue to panic on the ball and cost us even more games.

    To the point, next season will be the season but we need more than Bellingham. If it were up to me, I'd sell the players who add little to nothing: Keita, Ox, Adrian, Milner, Gomez and Henderson.

    We have the defence and attack so I'd go for Bellingham, M.Nunes and Amrabat in the summer – no one else. Van Dijk to take the armband and Robertson as vice captain. My 4-3-3 formation:
    GK: Alisson
    RWB: Trent
    RCB: Konate
    LCB: van Dijk (c)
    LWB: Robertson
    CDM: Amrabat
    RCM: Bellingham
    LCM: M.Nunes
    LW: Diaz
    RW: Jota
    ST: Nunez

    SUBS: Kelleher, Ramsay, Tsimikas, Matip, Fabinho, Thiago, Gakpo, Elliott, Salah.

    We can then play knowing everyone's super competent, not having to cover 5 positions at once and leave plenty of room for experiment. Start Arthur, Phillips, Carvalho, Jones, Doak and Elliott in the cup games and let them develop naturally over time rather than force them into high pressure PL games as this is when the team becomes disjointed. If these issues aren't fixed, I'll then join the Gerrard campaign. Come on Klopp mate you've seen the worst of it, you know what to do now 😉 YNWA.

  19. purple haze

    Meanwhile Eddie Howe and his rich backers wants to sign an Everton reject.

  20. LJ Taylor Recruitment

    I heard he wants either City or Madrid but his father thinks Liverpool would be better. I am worried that Liverpool have lost the ability to scout great talent since we lost Michael Edwards. Bellingham would be a massive signing but we need 3 or 4 great signings to compete with UTD, Chelsea and City who are spending money like water on massive signings. Interesting few years ahead.

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