Let's Bet It: Jan 30th: Basketball Picks & NFL Conference Championship Best Bets

Let's Bet It: Jan 30th: Basketball Picks & NFL Conference Championship Best Bets

Welcome to Pickswise’s daily sports betting show, Let’s Bet It, the ultimate sports gambling show that covers everything from NFL and NBA to Soccer and the PGA Golf. Get expert picks and sports betting advice every day.

6:21 – NBA & College Basketball Predictions
14:33 – NHL Ice Picks
18:55 – Bengals vs Chiefs Predictions
30:18 – 49ers vs Rams Picks
39:31 – Plays of the Day

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    What is your favorite sport to bet on? Comment below and let us know!

  2. buu zuu

    yeah i agree with u in nhl my 2nd season i bet small $10s mainly ive gotten 11 parlays of $200-$300 usually 4 games a slip & have had some 1leg loses so im liking nhl

    nba have had 1leg loses im start doing 11+ i tried $5 today was a lose memphis won by 4 & heat lose by 2 but those 2 games 11+ was $44 total memphis was underdogs 11+ point win was payin $8 & heat 11+ win was paying $5 i think good total
    im stick with it & 1-10 margin looks ok with underdogs i hate -lines in nba rather underdog lines or straight

    anyways its been 3weeks since ive won have been close in rugby alot of 1leg loses for rugby in 3weeks

    & college i stopped coz i heard bout such things drawing attention & to stick with bigger leagues but i think college basketball is ok im look at again when i get more work

    mlb is almost up i like mlb as well its ok
    it should go well with super rugby,nrl,afl & japanese rugby when on & nhl still on when it starts should b good a parlay

    but agree nhl is solid
    im not a totals guy but i rather team individually 3.5 over usually $2.20+ goes ok for some teams or over 2.5 depending i like value so im usually betting lines or underdogs in nhl

  3. Dan Parker

    Tried hockey yesterday.
    Bet Dallas -1.5 against Arizona.
    It was 1-1 6 minutes into the 3rd and I cashed out got half my bet back. But the result was 4-1 Dallas. Panicked and lost.
    I’ll try look at 7 or more goal games in last ten games to see if I get two plus .500 teams playing to bet on an over. Avalanche look good in that department. Maybe it will produce.

  4. Dan Parker

    Thanks this is good info. I’m gonna stop betting the spread and switch to moneyline in game betting. Hockey and basketball. Chargers this past week -6.5 looked as if a win until Steelers put up 27 points in final quarter to cost me money.

  5. chizick14

    AHL for the win, the lines the books put out show they don't do their research!

  6. McDizzle !

    Can you do a betting strategy video for NHL please?

  7. Jay Money Mo

    What about basketball

  8. Dalton Olive

    Is that a Richard Mille watch ?

  9. PB42189

    Is that a real rm? Betting isn't an investment u guys need to stop lying to yourselves

  10. Common Cents

    So are you implying that NHL moneylines are the best bet to make? Or are you saying NHL over/ under totals are the best? I hear what you're saying on this topic but I want a little clarity.

  11. Michelle Lane

    Oh so cool but hot at the same time!!!

  12. Trey Parlay504

    To me college football and basketball is the easiest, I started winning as I got back into it..coaching is what can make a difference in these most of the time and I’m talking coordinators for football setting the players up for success..All professional sports are the worst

  13. Keegan LaMotte

    Is that a Richard Millie on his wrist? 👀

  14. Shark Attack

    I would steer towards odd/even baseball or basketball. More so baseball because of frequency of play.

  15. BOSS Life

    College sports period

  16. shawn the gamer 8

    I'll be a millionaire if it wasn't for a bad beat. You right. I learned that in 2 days before I seen this video. Glad I didn't get into bad beats because I stay with nail bitters. True story. Glad to know I'm not the only person going through this

  17. Joseph Wamae

    In football I prefer over goals, it's profitable.

  18. Nick Quintanilla

    Bet on how much a team will win by… way better than point spreads especially if your betting on the under. Sometimes the lines can be +700 or more on a value bet. You can throw 10 and get 80 in return

  19. steven whiters

    I think using 1h/1Q bets are nice edges for backdoor Vegas moves. Also I think it’s reasonable to exploit spread/total parlays to minimize teams

  20. Overthoughts

    Zags were like -1200 when they played UCLA. Awfully high line for a game to go to OT 😩 fucking scam of -14.5 spread never came close (I’m a beginner)

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