Latest college football scouting intel 🧠 🏈 | Texas Tech, Michigan State

Latest college football scouting intel 🧠 🏈  | Texas Tech, Michigan State

Emily Proud is joined by Andrew Ivins to discuss the potential future Top247 prospects.

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β€”Player Profilesβ€”

Selman Bridges:
Ivan Carreon:
Jamari Howard:
Kamar Mothudi:

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Pat McAfee & AJ Hawk React To The Latest College Football Top 10 Rankings

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  1. Jim Bird

    Remember stats an camps don’t matter remember arch manning right 🀑🀑🀑

  2. ACB

    If you get a bunch of above average players who are stars on your team you'll play better?
    This must be that new math….

  3. Brock Whisler

    The SEC has they payoff easy. SEC teams are the only conference to lose and not fall outta the top 10. Blows my mind how Bama is still there with 2 loses and alot of close games. But it is what it is πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  4. Ashley Williams

    But utah lost to the GATORS

  5. The Big Whoop

    If The OSUvsMICH game is close AND if UGA wins with TEN looking dominant, then we could see 2 SEC teams And 2 B1G teams in the playoff. The only problem is the prestige of the other conferences and the committee will select the Best 4 teams.

  6. wrduardo1

    It should be 6 and no more. The regular season needs to matter and we don't need to expose college kids to even more injuries. I like 6 better than 8 because bama and Clemson don't deserve it this year and having two byes rewards the top 2 teams as it should.

  7. Charles Walker

    Get Marvin Harrison jr on the show

  8. Mundangerous

    In an expanded playoff, the outcomes of all the premier top 5/top 10 matchups this season (Tennessee-LSU, Bama-Tennessee, Tennessee-Georgia, Michigan-Ohio State, Bama-LSU) would be rendered completely meaningless in order to secure the right for two-loss Utah to get smoked in the first round. An embarrassing upset like Notre Dame over Clemson? Meaningless. Expanding the playoff just gives a safety net to the teams already most capable of walking the tightrope.

    We have a ~40 team playoff already in major college football, and a de facto ~12 team playoff with conference championships. The regular season can (should) be improved rather than meddling with the postseason to benefit TV stooges while shoving fans into dull atmospheres in distant, tiny, soulless NFL stadiums.

  9. Capacchino

    Unless Tennessee just drops the ball I think they take the 4th spot (unless OSUvMICH is a close game with a 3-7 point difference)

  10. Lee Hurst

    There can't simultaneously be a change to the playoff system and a massive conference realignment. I strongly dislike the four team format, but the chief argument against it is based on the math of the current conference structure. Unless there is some new body that unifies ideology of NCAA and CFP and school admin all in one go, expanding the playoff is going to destroy whatever credibility the entire system has left.


    UCLA will win this week

  12. C B

    Tcu shouldn't be that high. Tennessee and LSU are light years better

  13. Frank Schaefer

    The other big issue with the CFP is that at 12 teams, it decreases intensity of a 1 vs. 5 game that might be for a playoff spot with 4, heck maybe even 6 or 8 teams, and then with 12 that just becomes a seeding matchup

  14. Franco Bradshaw

    8:12 agree with everything. It should be 7, 1 seed gets a bye through that side of bracket .

  15. Callan McCutcheon

    For the love of God don’t let AJ talk on college football man doesn’t know anything

  16. Franco Bradshaw

    AJ celeb guest picker gameday 🀞🏾
    No Bama or Clemson πŸ”₯

  17. Jonathon Whitacre

    Always said the playoff should be 6 teams. Top 2 get a bye. Let 3-6 hash it out and the best of those plays the big dogs. And you give every power 5 conference a chance to get in. And a chance for your one off undefeated group of 5 that emerges every 2 years. Just me tho

  18. Mike Swan

    Utah swap with Bama

  19. Ascared

    The SEC love is ridiculous. Tennessee had their chance, they lost to Georgia. Nobody needs or wants to see that rematch. USC should be 5 right now.

  20. Tyler Holt

    TCU, Ohio State, and Michigan would get trounced by Alabama, and they're the 4th ranked SEC team. The SEC should just have their own title

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