LATEST College Football Bowl Projections: Peach Bowl, Fiesta Bowl + MORE | CBS Sports HQ

Jerry Palm joins CBS Sports HQ with his bowl projections following Week 12 in college football.


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The College Football Playoff Board of Managers met to discuss a 12 team playoff. They voted and the answer is here, Jay has the details from sources and his thoughts

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  1. sean mcginnis

    This didn’t work.

  2. Tom Lloyd

    Couldn't listen to anymore of this dribble.

  3. Pyro Dave

    Michigan curb stoped OSU

  4. terrell t

    He need to not interview him no more he don't know what he talking about

  5. Bossome Bro

    yes except michigan instead of osu

  6. Devin Hoyt

    Ohio state got EXPOSED

  7. Bill Doyle

    Penn state won the big ten with two losses and did not get in and beat Ohio state

  8. Adam Bailey

    Emo Luke Skywalker was very informative here

  9. Brian Gulley

    The only way it's fair is if 4 SEC teams are in the playoffs. Most, no all SEC teams could beat any NFL team by 3 TD's easy, facts.

  10. John Holmes

    What happens if Purdue wins the big 10 lol

  11. Maxima RPG MobileBoy

    Georgia would shut the Trojans out. And why would you put Tennessee is a bowl again Cincinnati. I would like to see Tennessee vs North Carolina

  12. challen massengill

    me and my uncle are going to be in Atlanta for the sec championship whats some cool events to hang out at before the game Friday and Saturday GO DAWGS

  13. Dirty Wash

    LSU gonna lose this week

  14. fanman71

    It's odd they are assuming that if LSU get's beat, especially bad that they would still be ahead of Alabama as they are currently #5 & #7 respectively. So let's assume that UGA beats LSU, they wouldn't drop 2 spots ? That seems a bit ridiculous. Should be Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

  15. Parapsychologist

    The "ONLY WAY" LSU gets into the CFP is if they beat Georgia.
    and the "ONLY WAY" USC gets in is if Ohio State beats Michigan and Georgia beats LSU.
    **Should Ohio State and/or Georgia lose they will still get in the CFP. They will not drop out of Top 4.

  16. ShotbyRon

    There is no way in hell LSU deserves a spot. Dint care ifvthey beat GA or not. They got smoked by Tennessee. When PSU won the big 10 a few years ago, they had 2 early seasons losses and the committee said they were left out because of a blow out L. So tired of these clowns. Lsu really isn't that good. Beat a downed Bama. Good for you

  17. Kirby's belt

    So the competition gap between #1 and #2 is huge. Imagine trying to find 12 teams. This year it would be horrible football. It's amazing football fans are okay with subpar teams making the playoffs. I wish it would stay four. Alabama would beat TCU.
    Someone will get their azz handed to them and the casuals won't care because they had a shot.

  18. Drew Porter

    OSU bias from the national media is insanely annoying

  19. American Made1st

    Stupid question about rather or not Bama has a chance to get in the playoffs with 2 losses and not even showing up for the SEC championship game really? Well in that case let's throw Tennessee into that conversation I mean they do hold the head to head wins against Bama and LSU. Do better liberal media.

  20. Kyle Collier

    Players are getting paid now. The average NIL is worth more then 90 percent of the populations salary. Extra games means more money, easy to figure out. As a cfb fan I could care less as long as I'm getting a good product, #boomer

  21. Mrcmess51

    Playoff only needs to be 8 teams.

  22. Seansta21

    Another thing that I personally really enjoy. Is the synergy amongst the fan bases. Instead of just having 4 Schools ESPN spends their entire bowl season coverage on. Now you got all sorts of wild and hungry fan bases exerting their excitement encouragement energy there hope and faith in their team that generates a strong synergy and I love it. My favorite part is the very beginning of all teams are still in it is that for me is the most exciting because I feel the excitement and hope from every fan base until their team is knocked out they have a hope. I take it back to March madness my favorite weekend is the very first weekendAs every team still has a chance and you can feel that synergetic hope amongst the fan bases it’s real and that is why I am excited for this new playoff format

  23. Seansta21

    One thing that quickly gets me on board with this. The four team playoff was nice but The coverage began to become very lopsided almost to where if you’re not one of those four teams your bowl didn’t really matter. Players sitting out ballgames at a high high rate as the stigma became“ meaningless bowl games“ this eliminates that as the field widen so does everybody’s hunger. Because the door of the top just created more space by opening wider. The road to the championship got wider but it sure didn’t get any easier. More access is given and sometimes that new access put on the Cinderella shoes and denies the access of those that are used to being at the table of four

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