Las Vegas Raiders need more permanent QB than Aaron Rodgers | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC

Davante Adams called playing with Aaron Rodgers again a “dream scenario,” but Mike Florio and Chris Simms unpack why Josh McDaniels needs to lay the framework with a more permanent QB. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #AaronRodgers
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Las Vegas Raiders need more permanent QB than Aaron Rodgers | Pro Football Talk | NFL on NBC
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  1. Aaron Zaragosa

    It's about winning now not the future
    Raiders haven't won a playoff game since 2022
    Yall sounding like Jerry jones

  2. Hector Frausto

    Simms was breaking his neck when those females walked by 😂

  3. akvalues

    No other team is paying him 60 million

  4. CCFIFresno - J Boscariol

    Florio just doesn't want Rodgers in Las Vegas because he is such a Raider hater.
    Just STFU Florio.

  5. David Skarica Addicted to Profits

    this is the worst analysis ever

  6. Believer72

    If Rogers wants to win a Super Bowl, he needs to stay in the NFC. The AFC is absolutely loaded.

  7. M. Watts

    They would sell SO many tickets and jerseys though. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

  8. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    "Trust because you are willing to accept the risk, not because it's safe or certain." -Anonymous

  9. Bryce Lynch

    Let’s face facts when rogers doesn’t show up for training camp and comes to Las Vegas saying I’m special worship me like he does in Green Bay. Mark Davis will send hit men after dude to get his 60m back. I wouldn’t pay rogers Brady money 25m lmao

  10. Parker

    the raiders are the definition of a poverty franchise

  11. Riley Brown

    They had a qb. Screwed him over

  12. Michael Romanowski

    Don't forget Rodgers record in the playoffs!

  13. Jah Prime

    At this point, you have to wonder how bad does Love looks at practice? If the GB coaches were impressed and thinking when he gets his chance, he's going to be good, it would be done deal they were letting Rodgers go.

  14. Chicken God

    The Raiders are without question one of the most likely teams to draft a quarterback in the first round. Given the state of recent quarterback signing with massive amount of guaranteed money, and the fact that Raiders owner Mark Davis is the poorest owner in the NFL, with a net worth of about five hundred million dollars, he can't afford to liquidate that much of his net worth, if he is staring down a veteran quarterback extension. Going forward, the Raiders will have to live and die by the draft, when it comes to the quarterback position. I could see them either trading up or dropping Anthony Richardson where they are in the first round.

  15. Robert Schoelerman

    I think every one is s afraid of Rodgers to the raiders because then that would make the raiders legit and might put that division up for grabs

  16. JB101inc

    They should trade for Derek Carr. I hear he's available.

  17. Rock N' Roll

    No QB in their right mind wants to hitch their wagon to Josh McDaniels.

  18. SouthernOregonReps

    I know Mike gets a ton of hate… I personally like most of his takes. He is right so many times… from Carr being a fraud to Carr being cut. I wil be paying more attention to him in the future.

  19. Richard Layne

    The big problem is that guys like Rodgers never see beyond the immediate future. Three years from now he may not be able to play pro ball but the Raiders will still have to field a team. Sounds to me like it could be a repeat of the situation in Green Bay and by extension, New England. Seems to be a pro athlete thing.

  20. QuestionableIdentity

    The packers won't let him go to the 9ers. Nothing to do with Aaron

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