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The LA Lakers defeated the New Orleans Pelicans, 123-108. Anthony Davis led the way for the Lakers with 35 points and 17 rebounds, while Malik Beasley added 24 points (7-12 3pt FG) in the victory. Brandon Ingram tallied 22 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists for the Pelicans. The Lakers improve to 34-35 on the season, while the Pelicans fall to 33-36.
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The 2023 Nascar Cup Series United Rentals Work United 500 took place at Phoenix Raceway on Sunday. There was zero cautions in the first stage, and William Byron got the first green flag. The first caution came on lap 139, Aric Almirola lost a wheel. Kyle Larson won stage 2 by 1.2 seconds from William Byron. With 10 laps to go, Harrison Burton spun out to bring out the third caution. Kevin Harvick was in first place before the caution, his five second lead over Kyle Larson was erased at the restart. A fourth caution came out with only three laps to go. William Byron captured the checkered flag in overtime for his second straight Cup Series win. Ryan Blaney came in second, followed by Tyler Reddick, Kyle Larson, and Kevin Harvick finished fifth.

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NASCAR Cup Series: United Rentals Work United 500 at Phoenix Highlights | NASCAR on FOX

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  1. NGSB Sad

    Feel bad for Westbrook but they're right for trading him

  2. Esme

    Rbd survived bomb in Europe help

  3. Esme

    Rbd survived bomb in Europe help

  4. Esme

    🖤 rbd band 🇲🇽 RIP
    Fly brave soldiers🪦🪦🪦🪦 🪦🪦

  5. Esme

    🖤 rbd band 🇲🇽 RIP
    Fly brave soldiers🪦🪦🪦🪦 🪦🪦

  6. Dreamwake

    AD plays = LA wins
    AD doesn't play = LA loses
    AD = Always Damaged
    Just play, AD

  7. lester neil

    What happen to the pels

  8. Jerome Furaque

    Kanina nwala laro ng lakers puro sablay tira ni delo hahaha tnlo ng rockets loses by rockets tonight

  9. TheMusiqKing

    Once LeStatPad hurt himself from chasing Kareem, this team has gotten much better. Heliocentric offenses DONT WORK and never have. They are purely for padding the stats of the main star Helio Offenses dont grow the chemistry of the rest of the team

    Anthony Davis carried LeBron to a ring and people really gave LeBron all the credit. Lol Bron missed the playoffs the year before yet hes the reason they won the very next year

    GTFOH Davis is CLEARY been the best player on this team since DAY ONE

  10. Luigi Killa

    About time my lakers did a good trade we needed shooters badly and defenders🤔

  11. PlayMaker v8.0.22 hufano

    Anything to say?

  12. Kelsie Rodriguez

    I went there last night I may be on tv

  13. pas

    NBA THE GREATEST SPORT HUH Same 1000 Athletes for 20 Year WOW CANY WAIT 50 YErd old fucker

  14. Biker Sifax

    Love the turn around of the Lakers. They looking really good too without James. Which means they will get even better with him.

  15. BayPawLobeezy

    Zion get yo ass back right now nigga!

  16. Joshua Quaid

    Best game all season

  17. NASCAR on FOX

    How impressive was this win by William Byron?

  18. Drum n' Bass Sakuga

    Imma keep it a buck, Danica ain't half bad on the mic.

  19. MD21037

    If I'm Ross Chastain, Denny Hamlin will not win the championship this year PERIOD

  20. John Behneman



    "My God, as a Frenchman, I have literally always loved the Phoenix ARZ circuit since the 90s! I really like that little hill where fans can stand and see the track. I think it still exists because most NASCAR circuits have been heavily redesigned since the 90s."

  22. Timothy Ellis

    Fox coverage for nascar sucks

  23. Christopher Haas

    Congrats to Byron and his legions and legions of fans.

  24. Tahitidivi Durand

    Super course nascar 😉🌴

  25. MS

    Homestead is a way better track to end the year. Phoenix is a boring track.

  26. Tube dude

    When tree hugging hippies acomplish their goal of clean air all NASCAR drivers will have an equal chance of a win . Maybe I will start watching it again

  27. Gad Bammit

    Does anyone tune into the broadcasts anymore?


    all the Hendrick guys finishing in the top 10 plus Kyle Busch finishing 8th and Ty Gibbs hits the wall. What a great race. Lol 😂

  29. Dustin Roberts

    Way to manufacture a finish NASCAR, 2 out of 3 races you’ve thrown a caution when there didn’t need to be one. Both times cost the driver that should’ve won, a win. But this past week was a joke of caution, Burton didn’t even stop and you threw it.

  30. Rick Williams

    I’m excited just seeing Kryle Bush and Bubba Winer Wallace struggle another weekend.

  31. Mikeal ells (Butch parks)

    The new will conquer. Is she still there???

  32. 2098elk

    Need to put a muzzle on Danica!

  33. D brandon

    Danica Patrick what a waste

  34. Rusty Gribble

    Harvick losing makes this even better because Hendrick WINS !!!

  35. AimTixx

    The full race, link down below..

  36. Damar Fadlan

    This race is 2.5/10. Pretty much total disappointment and boring until the OT Restart.

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