Kelly In Vegas SOUNDS OFF on Bet On It Monday Night Football Edition | WagerTalk Clips 12/20

With roster volatility at an all-time high, there will likely be some drastic point spread moves over the next couple weeks. On Monday’s edition of Bet On It, Kelly Stewart expressed the importance of not chasing a bad bet if you miss a move.

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  1. Clifford Gardenhire

    You are damn right first two year of betting was trouble now I smacking every other week

  2. Makin Cash

    I wanna lose less. But I want your number too. I hope one or the other works out

  3. Dan Lathrop

    As a teacher I get it. Some people are short sighted and just live for Right Now. Sometimes we make the right bet and lose. Not robots out there playing the game. This is not a lab! What's supposed to happen doesn't always happen. Thanks for what your team does!

  4. Charlie O Golden

    Kelly you are the best. Your transparency and candid opinion is refreshing. Too many people in this industry are completely given to their own hubris and it makes it difficult to listen to them. Not Kelly, you are the definition of Keeping it Real.

  5. Mr beyond the wall

    You guys are the best. You've helped so much with understanding markets, bad bets, teasers, and realistic expectations when betting. Lot of ungrateful cock suckers out there that just want to talk shit when you're helping people make money. You guys keep shining.
    Go Broncos ✌

  6. Patrick Stewart

    I appreciate you guys at Wager talk.

  7. Steven Gardiner

    I have also learned so much..esp passing on bets that passed their value..VR and Marco have been so generous.You don't need to have to apologize to anyone

  8. Greg Hermann

    I love the way you guys teach us on a weekly basis how to make better bets. Speaking personally, I know you guys have to read bad opinions, but most of the haters out there are losers who speak outta their ass, and us winners watch to learn and win.

  9. Raychel Cabral

    Great show everyone and Kelly is legit and sharp in my books 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  10. John Mac

    Your awesome! You do a fantastic job .

  11. Anthony Tubelli

    Kelly! Don’t let theses assholes get to you ! I left social media for 2 YEARS ! Because I was arguing with people who were fkn clueless! And you give them facts and they use “Alternative FACTS”came back and just read um laugh at um! And move on! And you will see they are only putting out Click bait! If you ignore them they go away!

  12. Anthony Tubelli

    Yeah you have peoples in the chat talkin shit ! They are morons! It’s like someone is giving them free money and they are saying you give me this free money only 3 days before Christmas! I needed last week ! Thanks for nothing! So those people should just buy picks and shut the HELL UP AND STAY OUT OF THE CHAT!

  13. Joe Ogdan

    You do a great job most of us appreciate what you do for everyone. If people can't understand that you have to always seek advice and keep sharpening your skills on anything in life well then they are doomed in the end. We appreciate all you do Kelly my egos not so big after 35 years of sports betting not to take advice anytime.

  14. Dave W

    Internet trolls are the worst. I enjoy your content and try to learn from it. Keep up the good work.

  15. P Clips

    i enjoy learning, learn how to lose with dignity

  16. Wes

    We all love you Kelly!!!

  17. OzzeyDoesIt

    Speaking the real

  18. Aces Cruising

    All week I told myself cincy cincy cincy….then I picked Tennessee. Need to listen more to KIV.

  19. Shane Burkhart

    Green bay didn't cover tho… Fingers crossed for the Beagles

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