Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2023 Super Bowl Game Preview

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2023 Super Bowl Game Preview

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2023 Super Bowl Game Preview

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  1. DokMcPuffinz_85

    Eagles 34_ Chiefs 13!!!

  2. anthony mitros

    All the eagles have to do is blow it in the super bowl. I think Kansas City will prevail. If the eagles win the bowl is rigged.

  3. The Blademan

    This is gonna be a great as game I like both teams but U know I gotta stay with the chief’s

  4. Matthew Browning

    Thank you. You all Rock, now let's get this show on the roll

  5. gaming with nate25

    My 49er brother Rey Pena is going to be honored at the game I'm going to Arizona to cheer him on

  6. Matt Kretzmann

    Eagles 31 – Chiefs 30

  7. Tyzja

    He should’ve said " African American “ but ofc they* don’t know any better

  8. Rick Smooth

    KC wins if they can run the ball and contain Hurts from running all over them.
    Philly wins if Hurts runs wild and if their D disrupts Mahomes all day.
    KC over Philly, 34-27

  9. Mr Hot Dog

    A day when a bunch of fat people yell about how they could have done better

  10. Dalton Higbee

    GO BIRDS!!!

  11. Jose Carranza

    Chiefs win 28-17

  12. Nhạc & Thơ Ca

    Super Bowl -57-2023

  13. john playz

    my superbowl 56 predictions are rams 23-20 bengals and i was right

  14. Justin Mead

    On behalf of all human kind, thank you Voice Over Guy! ❤️

  15. Michael F

    2 BLACK QBs.. nobody cares, stop making it about race

  16. Beth A

    I love the Eagle being the American icon and the Philadelphia Eagles have a lot going for them, but I believe it's going to be the Kansas City Chiefs taking the trophy this year!!!

  17. Foxtayle

    Going to be a borefest for anyone who isn't a Chiefs or Eagles fan. Two #1 seeds, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  18. Amy Fisher

    Jalen hurts and Patrick mahomes are not black quarterbacks they're Asiatic Moorish quarterbacks now Patrick mahomes is an amalgamated moor because his father is a moor in his mother is a hybrid Albion European

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