Is Georgia's blowout win a bad look for College Football Playoff expansion? | Get Up

Is Georgia’s blowout win a bad look for College Football Playoff expansion? | Get Up
The Get Up crew explains how Georgia’s dominance over TCU in the National Championship Game will impact College Football Playoff expansion.
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  1. D_II

    There’s blowouts in the semi finals year in and year out. Ever since 2014 when Ohio State won the first CFP title. Georgia just ran up the score on TCU.

  2. Lawn Time With Bermuda Brian

    Playoff expansion is a money grab . Players will opt out vs playing an additional 4 games and risking injury. This will water down playoff games.

  3. Brian

    No. The problem is a real playoff should have existed 20 years ago.

    We’ve been dealing with this bs for so long that as a result you’ve effectively made it true that unless you play in the SEC or B10 as a recruit your career in college won’t matter. So shocking surprise all recruits go to the B10 and SEC.

  4. HiiiGuardian

    A 12 team format wouldve most likely prevented TCU from even making it to the natty. So yeah, the expansion is a great plan.

  5. Rob

    Why are you even talking about expansion unless all you care about is money? That's the biggest problem with college football and it's getting worse. All people care about is money. It's not about the competition or the pageantry or the prestige. It's how much money can we make off players, off school names, off fans who are too stupid to see they're being taken for a sucker.

  6. Joseph Bowers

    It is a great idea need more teams and parity

  7. Matt Herbert

    No. I think the Ohio States and Clemson's can compete with SEC teams. They get kicked out yearly because they lose 1 game but this gives them another opportunity which they deserve. There's only so many programs that have amazing talent and those 2 are some of them.

    The committee is obsessed with losses instead of actual talent.

  8. Cornell Melton

    Honestly it should've been 12 from the beginning. But I'm happy it's finally happening next season .

  9. Josh Wells

    CFP expansion just gives more SEC teams an opportunity to win it all. As opposed to just two teams every other year. The SEC domination will increase under this format.

  10. ¿Quién es El Patron?

    Georgia could have got beat a couple of times this season. TCU was burned out by the KState big 12 championship.

  11. Jim Fleming

    Yes,it’s a black eye for college football.The powers that be might as well put Biden/Kamala in charge.It’s not about hating on the “dawgs”.But when the number 1 team in the country can have their cheerleaders put a beat down on the number 2 team in the country something with this whole system is BAD wrong.This was beyond a blowout.This was the Chicago bears taking on Jacksonville community college.This is how to destroy the game.
    To me this is incompetence with how to run a brand.

  12. Chase Averett

    Why would expansion be a bad thing? There's a very good chance that a team that could have been more competitive was left out.

  13. Stephen Parisi

    There will always be elite teams : Bama, Georgia, Ohio, lsu, etc. I see a quiet rising or leveling occurring with open NIL though. Do ya think with SEC depth transferring in portal, some fringe great teams will become spoilers for the elite in playoffs? Or do you consider those toss away 4 and 5 star transfers from sec schools. I watch all conferences and oregon for instance took two Bama players on top of other great recruiting and aren't done. Flash in pan? Or a new focus on building Long term depth like sec does?

  14. michael oduro

    Man I wish the 4 team format never existed and it started out as 12 team format that would be amazing quality of football 😮

  15. DM Dale

    16 teams, 1 extra week. The very beginning of the actual debate was to minimize the impact on bowl games. That ship has sailed. It's stupid that this is anything less than 16 teams. All other levels of football and all other sports have tournaments.

  16. The Ducati Pilot

    GO DAWGS! 🦴

  17. Johnny Doe

    Bama won 3 CFP championships, what about Georgia ?

  18. Your Favorite Sports Podcast

    I believe there should not be so many bowl games. What is the point of paying attention to the CFP if every school has a chance to win some sort of participation trophy at the end of the season? I watched FSU win a cheez it bowl for christ sake…

  19. Andrew McAdams

    As far as I can tell, in a 12 team playoff this year, depending on seeding, the Final 4 would have been Georgia, Bama, Tennessee and Ohio State. My prediction anyway. So it's bad news for most CF fans outside the Southeast.

  20. Clint Burgess

    I think expanding the college playoffs is bad for the athletes and only good for greedy universities and selfish fans. Why make it more likely that these elite athletes will never see an NFL payday by making them play more games? Bad idea.

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