I Tried Online Gambling For 1 Week

I Tried Online Gambling For 1 Week

I Tried Online Gambling For 1 Week

I Tried Online Gambling For 1 Week

Description: In this video, I tried online gambling for 1 week to see how much money I can make. Throughout this video I tried numerous different methods of online gambling such as playing crash on roobet, gambling with Pokemon cards, and finally playing blackjack like RainMan. This video was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions but thanks to the strong end to this video we came out profitable. Please be sure to drop a like on this video if you enjoyed it, this one took me a whole week to film, edit, and produce. 1,000 likes and I will start an underground casino with my friends to make money.

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Inspired by Sodapoppin: 00 BET (real money) online gambling – Did he win or lose?


  1. Financial Wolf

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  2. Joe S

    You’re lucky because you’re young… it gets worse after 30

  3. Azuka Rzuchastux

    John 3:16
    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  4. Lets. Growcannabis

    You say 175$ is crazy I brought 10$ – 2000$ lmfao done it a few times your strategy’s are bad my g never martingale like that wtf🤣🤣 and I learned to card count it took 1-2 years and now I run a bag a lot

  5. Zarif Uddin

    Bro such a fake reaction like it doesn’t entertaining man.If Y'all wanna see real reaction and winning I recommend watching adin ross videos about online g

  6. Daniel Mosher

    were u even old enough to gamble?

  7. John Jasper

    when u bet banker in bacarrat and lose over 60% of the time , month after month, casino will tell you tough luck, but in reality they fix the odds behind the scenes to take 10% of ur money all the time no matter u play slots or whatever

  8. Rudy Cardenas

    How do you do this ?

  9. Cor

    Bro don't play crash it's literally the worst 🤣

  10. Bank Breakers Casino Channel

    Risky…. but FUN! 😀

  11. taresy6789pp Pang

    don't gamble make your money the proper way, you will loose in long run

  12. Cecilia Andre

    Seeing that the video you made has its own narrative characteristics, and hope to have business cooperation, please reply.

  13. Kmrthrash

    hahaha why stop at 20 dollars up funny guy

  14. Mandarinas5553

    Financial Wolf KID LMAO.


    How old are you bro?

  16. Gaviscon Double Action

    your first sentence i agree with 'online gambling is the riskiest way to make money'
    i now want to commit toaster bath

  17. Hans B

    For the words he used… At least it's for entertainment purposes and he has his YT as main.

    Although yes… the word "I do this for u" is so classic. May be if I were 10 years younger I would buy it.

  18. GambletoGamble Entertainment

    I can use some subscribers.
    Good stock to buy SAVe FYI to whover is seeing this. Appreciate subs TY.
    Enjoy the tip. My advice is gambling. Gamb lk e SAVE at your own risk. I'm not responsible

    FYI good luck@

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