I Put 126 Teams in the College Football Playoffs

I put a 126-team playoff in NCAA Football 14. I used the college football revamped mod, which makes the game look like NCAA Football 23.

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Inspired By Channels Like NotTheExpert, PerramCrowe, UncleSamsRejectGaming, Trigga, and TnJ

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  1. EJ Chiffer

    bro keeps leaving out uconn like whatchu got against them

  2. J C

    What happened to ECU?

  3. Beastmode 24

    Logan who?????

  4. Your Mom is Bad

    what about tulane?

  5. Ryan Barnhart

    🐻 👇

  6. Tyre Moore

    Where is ECU?

  7. Kenneth Crosby

    What roster are you using?

  8. Brett Hand

    Honestly feel like A&M would somehow be knocking top teams out like Clemson,Ohio state,Michigan,Alabama etc
    Then lose to a Cinderella team 21-45 n then that team lose to Georgia or lsu 56-0

  9. NeverwascooL

    Ah the pain! I really started to believe that Arizona could do it for the Pac 12

  10. Daniel Harding


  11. Larry Hatcher

    algo was flawed…..You had Hooker in for Tennessee…He was already out by the playoffs

  12. Amazing Cars!!13

    What about timeouts? I feel like it's cheating without them. Otherwise that was very surprising about Arizona's close loss to Georgia.

  13. FZRMaverick

    Howd you get Georgia Southern on NCAA 14?

  14. David Dempkosky

    Golden Rule For Simulations: Garbage In = Garbage Out

  15. Derek Lemay

    As a fsu fan I know it’s a game but how do we loose to candy cause the entire earth knows that if this is real life score prediction 56 fsu commodores 9

  16. Eric Stewart

    Awesome. Go Dawgs!

  17. Eric Gant

    How do I get revamped

  18. Jack Shanks

    Where was the oregon state florida game?

  19. Noah Brogden

    All freaking day

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