I Made $2,100+ Signing Up for Sports Betting Apps Promotions

For the last week I spent over ,000 maximizing the huge sign-up bonuses for all of the sportsbook betting apps/ websites that I possible could! In total I signed up for 5 sportbook apps in order to receive sign-up bonuses worth 0, 0, 00 and even up to ,500. I signed up for DraftKings, BetRivers, PointsBet, WilliamHill, and FanDuel.

In this video we recap if this is an easy way to make money with the “100% risk free bets” or if this is a strategy that everyone should stay away from.

Sign-Up Bonuses Promo Codes:
DraftKings – https://sportsbook.draftkings.com/r/sb/kscan22/US-SB
PointsBet – http://join.pointsbet.com/pb_raf-50/?referral=53d6696a-4d78-4e5a-8496-f2b358cb6875&name=Kevin&jurisdiction=il
FanDuel – https://account.sportsbook.fanduel.com/join/select-state#RAF=Kevin_12803014
WilliamHill – Coming Soon
BetRivers – Coming Soon

I originally got the idea to make this video and test if this promotional offers were actually “100% risk free” after watching several games with my dad and both of us asking each other how they were advertising that you could do a ,000 bet and have it be completely free/risk free. I was already signed up for Bovado and Draft Kings, so I didn’t receive a new user promotional bonus for either of the books. If you’re looking to sign up and interested in other popular sports books that weren’t included in the video are FoxBets, Barstool Sportsbook, BetMGM sportsbook, UniBet, Bet365, SugarHouse Betting App, Caesars, TVG Horse Betting App, BetAmerica Sportsbook, and 888Sports USA. Depending what state or country you live in will depend what sports betting platforms you’ll be able to use and take advantage of the sign-up bonuses for new users.

OddsShark website – https://www.oddsshark.com/

Tim Stamp
0:00 – Intro
0:22 – Idea to Make Money & Risk Free Bets?
1:32 – Day 1 Financial Recap
2:34 – Day 2 Financial Recap
3:00 – Day 3 Financial Recap
5:24 – Day 4 Financial Recap
6:14 – Day 5 Financial Recap
7:42 – Day 6 Financial Recap
8:47 – Day 7 Financial Recap
9:10 – Day 8 Financial Recap
10:41 – Total Profits/Loses for Last Week
11:05 – Would I Recommend Others do the Sportsbook Sign-up Bonuses?
12:01 – Outro

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I Signed-up for ALL Sportsbook Betting Apps’ Promotional Bonuses & Turned ,000+ into….
Maxed All Sportsbook Apps Sign-Up Bonuses & Turned ,000 into….

Disclaimer: This video is not providing financial advise or advising you to gamble with your money. This video is for pure entertainment purposes only.

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