1. Samuel Manning

    This is gonna be a bad take and NBA players are on a different level but I bet I can have a better career in the NBA than him bruh

  2. CoachDoggieDogg

    The commentator said whoa. Lol

  3. CoachDoggieDogg

    Still made the NBA . 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Joel Jackson

    😂😂😂 naw the way he said okay NFTS we outta here

  5. nostalgichris

    dude played like a random at the rec center lol

  6. LaMartyMar

    See what happened was.. he maxed out his player to 85 and started mycareer on Hall of fame difficulty

  7. Dré

    Remember how nasty he was in 2k14…

  8. the tf

    Anthony bennett is the Ryan leaf of nba draft busts

  9. whobitmyname

    That wasn't video lag… That was actually Bennett lagging on offense… and the defense was so locked on him they looked like they were lagging too.

  10. AiM Gunner

    This is S tier content

  11. Mylove4pot

    The vets on his own team completely beat this guy into the ground.

  12. Mylove4pot

    Kenny ngl may be your worst video.

  13. Mylove4pot

    I'm not gonna lie this looks like a guy who from day 1 in the league had his confidence completely torn apart.

  14. HopelessMunz

    First time I’ve had to just quit on watching one of your videos because it was getting legitimately painful. It was like watching Tim Tebow play basketball but with literally no redeeming qualities or intangibles whatsoever. This was actually depressing.

  15. Lacy Coleman

    In his defense, he was drafted to the cavs. It really can kill your confidence depending on who drafts you.

  16. Lincoln McKay

    As a BSU fan I saw this guy play quite a bit in college and he was good but he wasn't even the best player in the conference. I was shocked he got taken #1.

  17. Skywalker

    And this is the same organization that many of you think that LeBron should’ve stayed in his whole career 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. King Davis Music

    Anthony Bennett a good player and if he went to a different team and had time to develop he coulda been a good role player… this was a damn shame on the cavs not Anthony Bennett

  19. CyberPsyKoh

    Anthony Bennett is the reason Kwame Brown has been sleeping well since 2013.

  20. momo

    i think its funny that there is a legendary singer songwriter named Tony Bennett. Anthony straight 💩💩

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