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In this Sportsbook review Alex explains you how to register your Ladbrokes account with VIP-bet and what benefits you can expect if you join Ladbrokes through us. See how easy it is to place your first bet and to win thousands of dollars with sports betting.

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  2. david Butler

    your stake on a none runner will not be returned to you BEWARE LADBROKES SCAM

  3. Larry Jones

    Nice video, be sure to read honest and real reviews for Ladbrokes on my blog before you join. Go to thegamblingreviews. com/ladbrokes-review/ (remove space before com). Thanks, Giorgio.

  4. Naim Hashemi

    Don’t bet this bookie if you like your money don’t trust them

  5. Naim Hashemi

    Ladbrokes full of corruptions . I bet $500 choose 3 legs there was an option for cash out Ladbrokes voided cash out because the match was fixed. My othe bet was under $100 the cash out was available for my little bet

  6. Naim Hashemi

    Don’t believe this bookie if you like your money

  7. Antoan Vasilev

    Very useful, thank you !

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