How to use betway

How to use betway

How to use betway

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See the tactics Betway use within their business! This is an eye-opening video that shares some of Betway’s historical behaviour and strategy to make money from losers whilst blocking winners.

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This video is for informational purposes, all information shared is freely available in the public domain. Always do your own due diligence before making financial decisions.

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This video is about Betway and its approach to business.
Video Rating: / 5


  1. Ryan

    Completely standard practice across the board now to demand bank statements, selfies, passport photos, selfies of you holding your birth certificate in your right hand with your cock in your left.

    'Sorry wasn't quite clear enough, needs to be a crystal clear photo of your foreskin whilst being a maximum of 15 pixels.'

    The gambling commission are pathetic. Their only job is to be seen to be doing a good job. Completely unaccountable.

    Want to help punters? Start by fining companies who use regulation to withhold winnings. KYC is explicitly meant to be enacted before depositing, not as a tool to defer/cancel withdrawals.

    I have about 20k in winnings across a few bookies all using these methods to avoid paying out.

    Nice video mate!

  2. Mr Garrett

    I was on Betway briefly before my account got closed inexplicably. I had a few small wins in a close period of time. I must've flagged their algorithm.

  3. Beat The Line

    Banned after 3 bets, Betway are absolute criminals.

  4. Rapson Tembo

    They deactivated my account with some money after not using it for a while and then made me register again and found my account empty. True man. password reset is a problem too

  5. Areeb Malik

    Make a review video on 1xbet

  6. Jonny Jones

    Top man, well said keep up the good work 👍

  7. peter Francis

    I never heard of such problems with South Africa Betway ; maybe it only happen in other countries.


    about 2 weeks ago i left betway i didnt not trust them for some time i lost big due to there cashout option

  9. victoria falls view

    I didn't get anything from what he is talking about

  10. Zulu Shanx

    You deserve more subscribers for the content you put out so I'm subscribing to your channel now 👍🏾

  11. Subham Nandi

    Sir am from India , sir wants to know which betting side does really paid out your winning.

  12. Greatestever166

    Plus that Infinite Blackjack table on their mobile platform is just a load of it I honestly swear

  13. Christian Udorie

    Their payout is so slow and… their virtual is rigged…do not use betway

  14. Tes EXPO

    Can you do mybookie?

  15. Ray Graham

    Who's the other betting company's that do this

  16. Lindo ngcobo

    Betway is better than Hollywood

  17. Stephen Rickwood

    In 2018 a member of the Gambling Commission was on my plane to Malta. We struck up a conversation and he said he was going to an all expenses paid gambling convention in Malta. He was showing off about how he had a job for life because of people's addiction. You can deduce from that, that it is not in the Gambling Commissions interests to do anything about problem gambling.

  18. sttony

    ………. and all the operators are looking at this video and rolling with laughter.
    'We keep getting caught red-handed, and f all, absolutely f all will happen to us so long as we have to pay the govt their share in tax. We do whatever we like and f all of you that moan. Keep sending the gambling addicts to us whilst we pretend to care and we will be happy forever more'
    Advice – take whatever you can from them in match betting and then move to trading.

  19. Mav Sekomeng

    They don't want to return my money it was deposited in my account by mistake I went to Shoprite to by Hollywood bet voucher and the cashier made a mistake deposit the money directly to betway and I never used the account for a long time be of the surname that appears on betway

  20. G

    Don't have to be a winner to be restricted. Bet one at 9/4 when it's 3.15 to lay on Betfair & they'll ban you even if it falls at the first.

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