How To Read American Odds | Sports Betting 101

How To Read American Odds | Sports Betting 101

How To Read American Odds | Sports Betting 101

A little confused about how to read American odds? No problem! @The Action Network has you covered with this simple-to-follow explainer video. In this tutorial, Uncle Mitch walks you through everything you need to know about American Odds. You’ll be reading sportsbooks like a pro in no time. Well … in less than 10 minutes…

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Today’s Lesson Plan
1:02 – How To Read Odds
4:38 – What Are American Odds?
5:35 – You’re Not Dumb
5:47 – Why Sportsbooks Use Odds
8:17 – Mitch-Cap

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How To Read American Odds
How To Win At Sports Betting. How To Win At Sports Gambling.
How To Bet On Sports – Beginners Guide. Sports Betting for Dummies. Sports Gambling for Dummies. Sports Betting 101

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Celebrity handicapper Steve Stevens from CNBC’s original series “Money Talks” provides simple explanations of sports betting terminology and gives out his formulas for success. Today’s topic: Determine Your Unit Size (Per Bet)

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  1. GoggiN

    This was actually an Oscar worthy breakdown 🤣

  2. Matt Memarian

    That clipper fan joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it!! It's Showtime baby!!

  3. Timothy Lucas

    Thanks Uncle Mitch. I feel more confident in doing my first bet, but would like some more videos to break down some things before I take my first plunge. Are winnings taxed, how are they taxed, and can you do anything with losses? You may not be able to provide that information, but it's a barrier for me. Who should I bet through? Is there any reason to use one system over another (Draftkings, Fanduel, BetMGM, Caesars, Barstool) or are they all the same? Do any of these have a fake money system I can bet through (similar to Webull and stocks) to practice bet?

    -Not dumb, system dumb Tim

  4. Christina Ventura

    No one I'd trust more than Uncle Mitch to teach me this stuff!

  5. Isabel Gomez

    Genuinely comforted to know I'm not dumb 5:40

  6. MEM

    Martha Stewart called, she wants her quilted jacket back.

  7. Amanda Rose

    great job, Uncle Mitch!

  8. Sam Liverseed

    Love the Action Network.

  9. brandoni773

    Your way better than Vegas Dave. Way better personality

  10. MikeNJ27

    The people that said I wasn't a team player, don't understand that if my team didn't win it didn't matter how well I played to me. I played to win for everyone including the coach. But to say that the coach or any player has more knowledge of the game than me would be wrong. Knowledge isn't knowing plays, but knowing how to win. Playing the ball.

  11. MikeNJ27

    Votto or Abreu.

  12. MikeNJ27

    The MVP usually should be from a team that makes the playoffs. Because that proved that he made the other guys better. Freeman or Winker for MVP. Guererro or Meadows for MVP.

  13. Tahoe Kevy Kev

    Your a hypocrite you double talk like this video you said I never lose two games in a row my logic is that bet two games everyday 50% you miss one hit one you lose the juice just like I said I don't miss two games in a row so go ahead bet one game a day you lose that one it's a wrap your dun that's why I bet two games a day at the increment you hit one you lose like I said I don't miss two games in a row. No betting three games in a day or two daytoday and 2 way parlay is the most you do

  14. Fuji 420

    Steve you put on some weight .

  15. Josue Araujo


  16. Dav W

    You got ripped to pieces…

  17. Troy

    Great tips thank you

  18. Robert S.

    Agree but I rather bet 10% of bank roll

  19. Kev Jones

    It depends on if my girlfriend strapped it on and blew out my asshole the night before

  20. MikeNJ27

    If you bet 1,000 and lose and then bet 2,000 and win you are winning 1,000. If you do what Steve says you would be even and not winning. Going 1-1 should not be that hard for you guys. If I win the first game for 1,000 then I bet 200 on the next game. This way I can go 1-5 and be even. Noone knows about this system. There you go. 1,000. Then 200, 200, 200, 200, 200. If you lose the 1,000 then you have to press it to 2,000 bet to go up 1,000, then you go 200 a bet.

  21. gaming outworldspeed

    Steve, you had some guys on your show double their bets after a loss to recoup losses. Probably just for the situation

  22. Calvin Fisk

    I agree with the use the same amount on every game. If you have 5K, don't bet 1000 a game, start at 100 a game.

  23. JoshCT

    We need a new tv series! Cant steve Steven's make it himself and stream it live here on youtube?

  24. bsbalplayr28

    Money Talks! Keep preaching

  25. James Miller

    Audio sounds like crap

  26. Cc117 cc117

    Great advice

  27. Cc117 cc117

    What’s this guys real name

  28. MGCovers

    Some decent advice. Alternative perspective, I recommend no more than 1 full unit per day or 10% of total bankroll per day regardless of how many plays.

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