How to pick and predict virtual football games

Part2 is on instagram so if you’re interested check our Instagram page for part2 which is TIME FRAME thats, what time frame is the best to bet

our instagram handle is @realnaps
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  1. Pankaj Kumar

    I'm not fully understand but good👍

  2. MR KOOL

    This doesn't always work the games seem to end to quick and are rigged. Christ I only had a player have one shot and it was half time after that.

  3. Kelvin Okonkwo

    How to know when to see a red and a green

  4. Omeke Chinemerem

    Please I need your number

  5. 𝕯𝖆𝖛𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖎


  6. Ebere Onuonaone

    Pls bro send me ur whatsapp number OK bro thanks


    I paid n no link send to me

  8. Stig Tv

    try to add end screen to your video to direct viewers to watch next

  9. eCliPse YT

    Bro i personally think 1:50-1:70 is bad because it is for real 50-50 and the tean that has a bit more odds will 50% win but when you play a 1:40 it will 65%+ win

  10. Kenechukwu Obi

    Boss pls ur whatsapp number or ur group link🙏

  11. leonil chachona

    Facts are not there

  12. Trending Views

    Sport Betting is a scam. You can not win. Statistics shows only 5% win betting of 100% stakers. Anyone can confirm it.
    It's usually one word a losser say when play betting.
    "I almost win, let me try again "

  13. Qs_Ahmadi_tz

    Congratulations bro Dany it's really works

  14. Na me

    I like ur confidence but it be nice if u reply peoples' messages

  15. Joseph Ayo Oladele

    How do I get your betting app?

  16. Amemate Jeffery Kudzo

    Bro you did a great work out there.Can I have your whatsapp number?

  17. Jay Jay Rockstar

    This guy is funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂


    Bros you truly surprised me….once I clicked on subscribe, the next thing; you said 'thank you' on your presentation. Keeping saying thank you on your presentations. Thanks.

  19. Anyaorah Christian

    Thanks for the teaching pls how can get your number for Whatsapp thanks

  20. Uwemedimo Daniel

    Nice one bro

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