How To Make A Living Betting On Sports In 2021 (Beat The Books & Be A Profitable Sports Bettor)

Stop losing money to the casino and start being a profitable sports bettor!
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This video will show you what 30 days of consistent sports betting looks like and how it’s possible to make a living sports betting.

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    Need help with anything about sports betting? Comment down below! Hope this helped you guys, thanks for watching!

  2. Bills Mafia Forever

    All single bets? No parlays? Correct? And you're betting $110 per game?

  3. Luka Kovo

    Naivety … good luck.. :D…

  4. Soca warrior

    Quick question , your betting one unit per day , but this is divided into how many games per day ?

  5. Fender Strat

    So are you using parlays each day? An if so how many teams you betting on each day an how much you using for each day?

  6. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Parlays work if you are taking favorites. It’s hard to get 6+ correct when betting spreads though. Over and unders are a lot easier from my experience.

  7. Julian Sitarski

    This is a joke , your telling me u go 5n2 or 4n3 or 6n1 , the prob is not that ur going 6 n1 or 4n3 , its how do u determine the games you are taking that allow u to go 6n1 , its great that you show us all what your record is but how are u determining each game u pik so that it allows you to go 4n3 or 6n1

  8. Steve Good

    What was I supposed to learn here?? Win 58.6% of games?? Brilliant!!

  9. Tom Brady

    What is this video. The only advice I took away from this is don’t parlay

  10. powerball

    Where I am from , 40 dollars a day without working is huge money , I really wanna start this

  11. Ali Elzein

    It’s a 50 percent chance , you have to go 26 and 24 to profit

  12. BigplayQ

    What if you lost on first day , say you go 2-5 , what to do the second day ?

  13. Lanbrick5

    Soon as they open up in Maryland I’m going to dive into it !

  14. Kenneth Reinhart

    Just found this video. Definitely trying to become a professional sports bettor

  15. Course4 Classmuchmore

    I didn't realize how many ppl were pro sports bettors. It's been a dream of mine but I have lost just so much money. I always go allin on a bet I like and I see my problem and know what I have to fix. I always get greedy and I think that's problems with most ppl why they can't be pros let alone gamble

  16. paul fairminer

    What bets are they and at what prices?

  17. Alexandre Marques

    Tis good nut i think berging 7x a day is crazy !! Just bet 1,2 good (easy) a day with 1k And you have easy €350 a day

  18. MST II

    You can always outsmart every bookies if you have great team leader and if you follow the rules… Couple months ago i finally found great group.. Imperia team tips are doing great as always i am their member for about 5 or 6 months and they are always making some crazy profit every month… The key for succesful bettor is to don't expect big amounts of money really fast, you have to play by the rules and to slowlyu increase your units..

  19. Tyler Jon723

    Thanks for the video! I’m slightly confused though, is this assuming that every bet placed is an even money payout?

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