How To Make $1 Billion On Horse Racing

Bill Benter is the most successful gambler you’ve never heard of. After being banned from Vegas for beating the house at Blackjack, he turned to Hong Kong where he devised a system that could predict the horses. Around a billion dollars later, this is his story.

Video by Tom Gibson


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  1. ab c

    Basically he got a Tricast accumulator 3 fold. Huge Odds if you can guess it! Life changing!

  2. David Loch

    Another load of Pish.

  3. Marek Siciński

    3:29 well basic, early personal computer

  4. salomon1080

    2:58 Do horses race in the same direction as the traffic drives in that particular country??

  5. Grant Wright

    This story contradicts itself… First, he says the HKJC were aware of Benter's activities, and contacted him to encourage him, as he was bumping up the Pools that they could take commission from.. Then, he says the HKJC contacted Benter to STOP him, because he was winning too much Money from the public ??.. It can be one or the other, but it can't be both ??..

  6. sultan Abdullah

    Hello my millionaires friends . 🤣

  7. esteban collazo

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    Seems you all haven't come across the World Class Debunker of the Horse Racing Industry. When OLBG, UK's No 1 Tipping Service Provider, and its champions, started following The LebaneseTips; you know I'm rocking the boat of the gambling sector.

  9. Alan Stephens

    To make £1 billion….. be the bookmaker

  10. prathapan

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  11. ALASKA 907 GAMER

    When you don’t know the rules to the game you get played

  12. gavin slater

    How to make 1 billion on horse racing?start with 10 billion

  13. Jesse England

    Poker players from the 70's could have told you this was possible. They likely could have done it themselves.

  14. Yuko Heard

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  15. Xfinity 21

    I just bet on No.4 or a name I like 🏇

  16. Andrea Garcia

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  17. Front Man

    Who else found this video right after downloading the DraftKings app? LOL

  18. Jamie Jobb

    Yes, but this dispatch fails to mention that the horses abandoned him 
    after they found out about his devious scheme.

  19. Mr Phatmunkeyspew

    I thought this story would somehow involve a delorean

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