How To Calculate Sports Betting Payouts: Betting 101

We walk you through a sports betting odds grid so that you can easily read betting odds and quickly calculate the payout associated with the betting line. Learn how to do so for totals, spreads and moneyline bets.
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Some of the most amazing historical sports betting upsets in the past 100 years. Check out the top underdog payouts in US history:

#1 UFC 193 – Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm
Odds: 8 to 1

#2 Super Bowl III – NYJ vs Baltimore Colts
Odds: 10 to 1

#3 1990 Heavyweight Championship – Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas
Odds: 42 to 1

#4 Horse Racing: Man o’ War vs. Upset
Odds: 100 to 1

#5 1969 World Series – Mets vs. Orioles
Odds: 100 to 1

#6 2008 Super Bowl XLII – Giants vs Patriots
Odds 100 to 1

#7 2007 Appalachian State vs Michigan
Odds: 150 to 1

#8 1950 Soccer World Cup – USA vs England
Odds: 500 to 1

#9 Miracle on Ice
Odds: 1000 to 1

#10 2000 Olympic Wrestling Finals
Odds: 2000 to 1

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  1. Hayley Pritchard

    There's one certain bet life will win you could put your life on it

  2. TerdFertersen

    And what if I don’t want to bet 100 dollars on the underdog? What if I only wanna bet 25 or something? Y’all video makers really do a shit job at explaining the small details of this stuff to people that don’t know anything about it.

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  4. Cody

    So if you place a bet of $100 on -110, youll be walking away with $210??? do you get that initial $100 back?

  5. Adrian Varona

    These short videos are awesome!!!

  6. asdfaf vbdsvfs

    jesus giants vs patriots was 100 to 1 thats insane..

  7. TickleYourMom72

    turn down ur mic audio

  8. Karloo Mick

    here in Australia holly holm was 20/1

  9. Mauro .d

    Sokudjou vs Nogueira (16-1) and Joshua vs Ruiz 1(25-1).

  10. wolf drip

    Andy ruiz vs joshua 1

  11. Dunkin Larry

    They should do politics

  12. asud815

    Super Bowl X L i i. A classic

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  16. John Lovejoy

    What would a $100 parlay with all of these payout?

  17. GamesMaxed

    Leicester would like to have a word with you (5000 to 1)

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