How To Bet On The 2022 World Cup: Soccer Tips & Predictions

How To Bet On The 2022 World Cup: Soccer Tips & Predictions

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Alex goes through his expert picks & predictions for the World Cup! He gives his expert predictions for the World Cup and zones in on his sharp picks. All of Alex’s plays are found using data and the OddsJam sports betting software.

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    I was Bay Street. The equivalent to Wall Street, but in Toronto. Cheers

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    You gotta update Chrome. The red update button drives me crazy in these videos lol

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    Denmark 🇩🇰 fucked up my multi 😂

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    Do you personally do bets?

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  6. Teddy show Taylor

    Kazakhstan just won 3-2

  7. MELOdious GAMING

    I chose Kazakhstan or draw over 3.5!!!!! Let’s gooooooo

  8. Yoftahe Melese

    Thank you bro. You ara my first option to see your tips, from 🇯🇲Jamaica 👌👌

  9. SPIDER_ff

    What does handicap mean

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  11. Rex R Kabiso #THE JOURNALIST

    Please have a look at the African qualification games as well ,we really need your predictions on them2 otherwise thx for this far …..

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    Hy am new here

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    Bro i like you prediction
    Thank you🙏😉

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    Your perdition make me to win yesterday thanks

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    Hey bro like your videos maybe add more info on the games like u we’re about teams being home and away it helps a lot

  17. Nadavala 878

    Yesterday Croatia fucking bet slip otherwise huge win yesterday

  18. Lucas Fung

    England won in Italy at 1961

  19. Patrick Cremin

    Your wrong again England last win in Italy was in 1961. Your knowledge of soccer history is poor. You make a lot of mistakes

  20. Maahito Matsumoto

    Any tips on brasil vs morocco?
    Match is under 30 min

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    I need gool predictions here?

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