How to Bet MLB – Betting Guide

How to Bet MLB – Betting Guide
How to Bet MLB - Betting Guide

Interested in betting on MLB, but you’re not too sure how to start? Joe Osborne sits down to break down the basics of how to bet on Major League Baseball.

Whether it’s the moneyline, the run line, the total, or a player prop, there are an almost unlimited amount of ways you can place an MLB game.

Betting on a moneyline is the most straight forward bet you can make. It’s simply a bet on which team will win a given game. Don’t forget, you’ll always get a bigger payout if you bet on the underdog.

Another way you can bet on an MLB game is by betting on the runline. This is like the point spread for a baseball game. You’re either betting on one team to win by more than 1 run, or you’re betting on the other team to not lose by more than 1 run.

If you don’t want to bet on a team to win or lose, you can bet on the total which is simply a wager on how many runs will be scored in the game. You can take the OVER or the UNDER a total in a given game.

Finally, if you want to bake the bullpen out of the equation, you can make a “first 5 inning” bet which is simply a bet on only the first five innings of the game.

Outside of single game bets, you can always place futures wagers which are bets on a team to win their division, win the NL or AL pennant, or to win the World Series. Things like win totals and whether or not a team makes the playoffs are other examples of bets you can place.

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Sports Betting 101 and Betting Tips: Direct from the WagerTalk TV Studios in Las Vegas host Kelly Stewart talks with sports betting expert Marco D’Angelo and look at the MLB and share their MLB Betting Tips.

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    yeeah i can c y he would say mlb would b most feared with schdule it is this is my 2nd year at mlb 1st yr i mainly did favourites no lines or confident enough to take underdogs 2nd yr at mlb im ok iv progressed only small time atm but in future definitly increase money spent i should b ok at mlb… coz last 2 days have been hard minor win anyways i had 1 slip win minor 5 games… braves+1,white sox -2,rays-2,yankees, & tigers i think it was a $38 total slip for 5 games anyways i had another 3 slips on cardinals they led 6-1 till 9th inning 1 slip was win the 2nd slip was cubs under 4.5runs & the overall total of 9.5under worse thing i checked scoreline 9th innings then later seen scoreline 7-6 cubs win it in 9th innin lose 3 slips in that 1 game & today i had white -1.5 against twins they got spanked that was only game i needed & total slips i did ok i cant remember all of it but i do ok im startin b confident in unders more often now nxt season i wana impprove on pitching totals over under & such mlb is ok its been 2yrs i don t mind it like u said its that kinda sport if we select right anyways mlb,soccer,nhl,nba is up there definitly

  5. MikeNJ27

    over and under is hard as balls. I like betting on the money line favorites on a two team parlay for even money. NFL do not give over 3 points in a game.

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