How to Bet Boxing – Betting Guides

Boxing remains one of the most classic and entertaining sports to bet on.

Whether it’s a heavyfight title between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, or a spectacle of an event between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, is one of the most bet on sports across the globe.

New to betting on boxing? Joe Osborne is here to break down the basic of betting on the sport. The moneyline is the easiest and most straight forward type of bet to make on a boxing bout, it’s simply a bet on who will win the fight.

Other popular forms of betting on boxing are over/under round betting which is a bet on how long a boxing bout will last.

You can also bet on the exact way the fight will end or the exact round it will end. These types of bets are more risky, but if they hit then you’ll be collecting a sizable payout.

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🥊 Looking for some tips and strategies to betting boxing? Professional Handicapper Kevin Dolan has you covered. In this informational video, Kevin goes over everything you NEED-TO-KNOW when it comes to betting boxing, as well as his favorite strategies when handicapping an event.

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  1. Rodrigo Peres

    On money line if they go to point decision I still win if I bet. The right boxer

  2. Rodrigo Peres

    When u place a bet traigh winer. U still win if u won by decision

  3. broiler010

    So when you have "- X", your win is what you bet times [100/X]
    but when you have "+ X", your win is what you bet times [X/100] ?

    Why don't they simply say "80" instead of "-125" ??


    I was hoping you would explain individual round betting? Does that mean it will end in that round or the winner of that round.

  5. Eikichi Onizuka

    Where did they get the -125 and +105 im confused.

  6. Det 313

    I’m betting Tyson fury wins round 1 and I’ll make 10k off 200$

  7. story time

    But where to bet?

  8. Jesse Gmz

    Lol so if you bet 125 u can win 80 but you can lose 125$ lmao joke

  9. William Whareaorere

    How much return if I lay out 200 for Joshua to knock usyk out in the first round

  10. TrueGolden BoyChamp

    Wilder and fury I’m betting on draw with 100$ I can get over 1k

  11. Robin Astrelli

    How does betting sites pay you when you win?

  12. Jujub3am 1030


  13. Joe Farouk

    You didn’t explain anything really
    False advertising
    And reported.

  14. Carlos Huertas

    But why $80? How do you get $80 from -$125???


    Such an awesome workout session!

  16. Pete

    Thanks for the advice homie

  17. M W

    I really like what ur saying here. Great points and u really know ur stuff. I've been consistently profitting for a couple years now. I tend to bet big on favourite but not so much underdog. Mayweather vs canelo is a good example of a fight I would target.

  18. Seduction Unleashed

    Nice video brother. Just got into it recently and been learning, Boxed a bit as a teen and lifelong fan through my pops. Was testing spreads, won $55 off jake paul stopping woodly in rd 6. Won 370 off kambosos beating teofimo. But at the time I didnt know how to do multiple bets and didnt bet on kambosos by decision. it was X16 on that and i knew kambosos wasnt gonna stop teofimo likely.

    good stuff bro subbed!!

  19. Asad R

    Just followed. Thanks for the advice

  20. Gchilly

    What are your thoughts on Ben Askren vs Jake Paul. It's my first bet. I'm taking Paul do to Askren being known as a wrestler. What do you think?

  21. R K

    Anyone know a reliable site I can bet on

  22. tony H

    Boxings my best sport

    Cant wait til its back up again, these lines are ridiculous right now

  23. Joe Ramos

    Huge boxing fan, good show

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