How To Become a Better Sports Gambler Using +EV Betting & Pinnacle! (ft. OddsJam) — Episode 6

Austin talks about Positive Expected Value bets, and how to use it to your advantage to become a better sports gambler. This is a profitable strategy in the long run and can help you grow your bankroll. We also used Pinnacle Sportsbook to get that extra leg up on the competition.

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  1. Family Schneider

    Thanks for this ,and all the betting tutorial videos. I am very intrigued by the EV+ idea. Am I understanding this correctly? The Bet Tracker feature of Odds Jam is free but the EV + is only available with a subscription, or am I overlooking something.

  2. Austin O'Connell

    +EV Betting is no joke! You guys should definitely try it out!

  3. Logan Stacey

    Great advice! Definitely need to try out these EVs 💰

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