How should Arsenal approach match vs. Manchester City? | ESPN FC

Dan Thomas, Gab Marcotti, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley preview Wednesday’s Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester City.

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  1. John Elliott

    Arsenal playing with the BIG BOYS LOL LOVE THEIR PAIN

  2. MMSmith

    Frank won the prediction precisely

  3. rodgers obiero

    Who is here after Arsenal Loose 1-3 to City…???

  4. perry luca

    Frank leboeuf got the score correctly

  5. Legend Altair 27

    Arsenal has already conceded 2 goals before the match.. Partey is injured city 1 Arsenal 0, jorginho is playing city2 Arsenal 0

  6. Vernon Harris

    Nedum is a sell out, regardless you should always go for your team especially is you wear the jersey…when city wins im a blast him for that. Very disappointed in his views on this

  7. Le Kiran

    2-0 to Man City.Bye Bye League title 😁😍😆

  8. theach8, M.D.

    Arsenal 2-0. Nketiah goal(s)


    i want city to win just to listen to artetas excuses

  10. Tinashe Chaka

    Arsenal have got Stevie and his 1989 ways believing. Anything is possible in this life and season!

  11. Phinears Ndhlovu

    With me I expect Manchester City to win the game because arsenal they need to improve their standard of playing and scoring

  12. Devesh Jagwani

    Gab is that arrogant kid who can't take a negative feedback

  13. TilakRaj Golari

    City should play the defensive game,and try to win it @etihad.

  14. Rashid Khalid

    Apart from spurs probably the entire league will be rooting for arsenal against that fake plastic club

  15. Reece McArdle

    Didn't he score 3 vs united, 1 vs Spurs,

  16. Parsh

    Dan getting all hyped up and saying how brilliant this game is going to be…..if its anything like the FA cup game a few weeks ago it'll be dull as ditch water

  17. Evangeline Wangari

    Pep needs to play Walker,Dias,Laporte,Ake

  18. Score7

    The result will determine whether we'll have a 3 horse-race for the title.
    A draw or loss to Arsenal will bring United in the picture while an Arsenal win will get Arsenal closer with a game in hand.

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