How I Turned $100 into $12k Overnight w/ Sports Betting | Absolute Beginner

In this video, I tried sports betting and had some amazing luck!

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0:00 Intro
0:41 The Basics
0:54 Odds
1:23 Spreads
2:07 Moneyline
2:28 Over/Unders
2:45 Parlay Bets
3:13 Getting Started
3:56 Bet 1
4:55 Bet 2
5:46 Bet 3
6:09 Bet 1 Results
7:31 Bet 2 Results
7:51 Bet 3 Results
8:21 Total Results
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  1. Daniel Inskeep

    the ultimate parlay: watching this vid, tapping the thumbs up button, and subscribing πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  2. ManzTrades

    Thanks for the Shoutout Bro 🀝

    Crazy Hit! 🎯

  3. Alex Leblay

    Damn. We do not pay tax on gambling here in the UK.



  5. Deadly

    Did the parlay u cashed out end up hitting after u cashed it tho?

  6. mqmoreno23

    How can i get my parlay to pay me that much i can never get it done to payout big i will pick 5 teams and always the payout will be individual for each team i pick

  7. Holy Coka

    Where do u place these bets ?

  8. Adrian Allen

    What site is he using to bet with?

  9. Dave Theogene

    What is the website you use for the parlay bet ,?

  10. Traveling Dude

    I like the informative video. I’ve never done sports betting before but I’d like to try it just for the fun and for some extra, steady income throughout the year. I like to play the lottery, scratch-offs and go to the casino every now and then anyway. I could gamble $100 or so every now and then in hopes of winning a few extra hundred a month an an income supplement. How do you recommend I start out? What’s a good, effective, fast way I can get educated about it? I’d appreciate any tips. Thank you. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  11. LC

    -14/ win by 14 is a push

  12. Shawn Williams

    Anyone know what website he is using?

  13. Sly

    Question: Did you place a parlay bet that allowed you to take the profit on the games you won before all the games were completed?

  14. BE Hockey

    That was an amazing hit

  15. Tommy Moua

    You're just donating if you ever place a 11 game parlay bet, I'm surprised that site let's you check out before games end..

  16. Alolan Tuga

    Don't fall in this bs crap. This people just you to view and like the video. Be aware.

  17. Charlie XTS

    Lmao this video is useless parlays are a sucker bet and you can’t even trick a degenerate gambler into doing parlays lmao.stick to stocks homie you don’t know shit about sports betting.I been doing it for 15 years and learned my first month gambling that a parlay is like a lottery and even though I’ve hit parlays it’s definitely not good advice! Plz don’t listen to this guy and do not do parlays

  18. Cryptofort finance

    DONT, stay away ….. sports betting is pure gambling and luck

  19. John Mena

    What site are you using?

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