How I became a 10 handicap golfer in 2 years… and how you can too

It took me about 2 years to drop down below a 10 handicap, and I strongly believe you can get there too.

3 years ago I caught the golf bug badly and wanted to improve and become a more consistent golfer. At the time I was averaging around 100 strokes per round. In the two years that followed, I worked really hard to get better and eventually got below a 10 handicap.

In this video you’ll find my step-by-step process on how to become a single digit handicap and be better than 90% of golfers!

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  1. CD

    This is a conversation I'll have at the range when I talk to people around me.

    Me: what are you working on?

    Hacker: working on?

    Me: ye, what drill are you doing?

    Hacker: drill?

    I use to be this guy. When I started doing drills, split hand grip drills, impact and post impact drills, my full swing improved immensely.

    The biggest change in scoring happened when I started doing putting and chipping drills. My up and downs became easier.

    Putting drills: the around the clock drill and 10 to 20 footers.

    Chipping and pitching drills: this is where you get to know your wedges. Practice vary distances. Try flop shots to carry shots. Try bump and run with your irons on longer shots.

    Combine your Putting and chipping drills into up and down drills (the gauntlet). By far and away the best performance short game drill out there.

    Full shot: split hand grip drill, swing fast stop quickly drill, impact position drills. You don't need to be at a range or hit balls to practice full swing drills. It's the repetition you want. Remember, a good golf swing is an unorthodox swing. You need the reps to change your biomechanics.

    I'm breaking 80 because of these drills. You have to practice at a minimum, 3 days a week for an hour. Put more of an emphasis on your short game. Your score card will thank you for it.

  2. Tony Clark

    I did it by starting at 4 and getting worse.

  3. Ron Carlton

    Good video and recommendations. I finally took lessons from a pro recommended by a friend years ago. That was the ticket to getting better results . I finally broke 100 and was able to play better. Handicap improved from a 30 to 12 when I was playing at least once a week and practicing more often. I now play at least twice a week and single 8 handicap. Get rid of HERO shots. Swing with good tempo and stay in balance. Work on the short game and course management. For instance, on a par 5 that is typically at least 500 yards, think of a tee shot of two hundred, a second shot of two hundred for a third shot of 100 to green. Then 2 putts is par. Much better than swinging as hard as you can causing a huge slice and no chance of recovery because you hit it in a hazard. Keeping in play and under control is the ticket. Par is your friend then and possibly more birdies. Love this hard game.

  4. Jon Smith

    I am currently a wayward 7 handicapper. Improving your chipping and putting is key and masks all manner of sins. My lowest rounds have always been saved by confidence building saves. Hole looks bigger etc.

  5. DtownM340

    Love me a good bogey

  6. Kenny Swann

    I made a commitment to be better at golf this year. Went to Golftec for lessons before it became too expensive. I need to get out to the real course. Spend more time on my simulator in my garage. This is a good video. Gives me hope that I can be a better golfer

  7. InsertUserName

    Golf is hard. My son got a HC at 8 years old of 18, stopped golf for a few years, picked it up again spring time last year, his HC went up to 20 from lack of playing for years, and in 9 months he was an 8 HC. He's now on the verge of being 6 HC. He can shoot in 70s from the tips quite often now.

    Makes me realise how talented he must be when I see how people struggle with the game. I dont play golf and only see my son play, (he watches golf on my YT, hence why this video came up), but it gives me a new respect for him seeing how hard it is for most people.

  8. NFiltr8Red

    I got to a 8 handicap in 1 year, granted that I’m pretty damn athletic and fishing has taught my hand eye coordination as well as using wind to get my lure/ ball where I need it to be. My goal is scratch golf by February of 2024. That will be 2 years in, that being said, credit is due….

    Saguto Golfer
    Phil Mickleson
    And a couple local legends.

  9. ileisl

    Thanks and the tips resonate with me. I picked golf up 1.5 years ago and started playing on course may 2022. It has been a journey…

    What would you recommend if I live in a packed urban city with limited golf facilities, and if I am keen on practicing short game? The public golf course is 1.5 hours away and it is the only place I can practice pitching and putting. I have a putting mat at home (I live in an apartment, so cannot practice even half swings without breaking stuff)…

    I have joined an indoor golf simulator location for practice, but that is just practicing off artificial mats… I also get to play at that public golf course at most 4-5 times a month (there is a max limit to give a fair chance to the public to play)

    I’m keen to get better. But the mats make it difficult to gauge the fats from the good shots, and the different lies and upslope/downslope on a golf course is impossible to understand when I only encounter them on the course!

    Thanks for the video! Subscribed and look forward to your next one!

  10. real faux

    Great video. What course is this?

  11. Golfing Fan

    I became a 11 handicap in about 2 yrs and Im 65yr. I agree…find or player around your same age that has a really good swing and plays well and ask who their golf instructor is… chances are very good that they take golf lessons. Stay away from YT golf tips… everyone has a different golf swing, flexibility, and may describe their feel in a swing completely opposite how you would describe it. take lessons from a PGA and stick to them.

  12. kevin overholtzer

    i would probably subscribe you your system but there is no review of your picks anywhere There is no way for me to know if your full of it or not

  13. kevin overholtzer

    lot of good advise I would not ever pay for picks again though because I have done that in the past a few times and it never works out.

  14. chuy rod

    If your so good with numbers why don’t you do money line parlays ?

  15. R C

    Love the video analysis! Through the mind of the Whale! Start the streak! Let’s go let’s roll! Let’s accelerate our bank roll!!! Thanks for the time & effort TEAM!!

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