Highlights & Goals: Manchester United Vs. Leicester 3-0 | Premier League | Telemundo Deportes

Video oficial de Telemundo Deportes. Un doblete del delantero más en forma de Europa guió a los Red Devils a una victoria que los sitúa a tres puntos del Man City.

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Premier League
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Highlights & Goals: Manchester United Vs. Leicester 3-0 | Premier League | Telemundo Deportes
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This video is about What’s inside?!? Estate unpacking! stacks of vintage magazines antiques and more!
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  1. Jean0987654321

    Relato: Copan Alvarez

  2. HotChitoo_

    Quien le importa las chivas 😂😂😂

  3. Jhonny Ibarra

    Madrid lo espera

  4. Jhonny Ibarra

    Degea esta prendido

  5. Joseph Ndirangu

    As a Chelsea fan, estoy mucho jealous de Manchester United.

  6. Abram Reyes

    De Gea atravieza por su mejor momento porterazo merece ser llamado con la seleccion de españa.

  7. Jassiel Baquedano

    Uffff que bonito juega este United me encanta❤️🫡

  8. Marco Rodriguez Guadalupe

    Que bueno q se fue cr7 quien tuvi la razon 🥴🤷🤔

  9. Rafael Parra

    We’re MAN UTD and we’re never gonna die 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️

  10. E

    The theater of dreams is DREAMING AGAIN 😍👹🔴❤️

  11. Marcelo Garcia

    El tronco ese le estorbaba a Rashford por eso no rendia

  12. ChezzySquatch

    Stop putting the score on the videos picture!!!! You ruin it!!!!

  13. Yoslan Porra

    Todos los días aparece un mejor del mundo cuando en realidad existe uno nada más y es Messi los otros solo están en buen momento y eso es bueno para el fútbol a nivel mundial

  14. Neny_FCB

    Ten Hag trajo devuelta a Rashford, ya quiero ver el jueves, partidazo, aunque veo mas posibilidades para el United por las bajas que va a tener el Barça 😥😔

  15. Christopher Banuelos


  16. MtnDewBajaBlast 1

    Yanited en forma

  17. Anubis andRA

    Que jugadas los tres goles

  18. Anubis andRA

    Hay Barcelona espero que estés tomando nota

  19. julian vesga

    Salio CR7 y El equipo juega mucho mejor.

  20. Fer Reyes

    Si penaldo hibiera seguido no podriamos disfrutar de este moustro Rushford

  21. cathyb5775


  22. Uncle Crog

    Alex, my heart sunk when you just glossed over the comics. The Dells, Harveys, And Treasure Chest christian comics are of big interest-(At least in my world). I was waiting for you to go over them, and then you said that they were not very interesting and my heart sank through the floor.


    Oh man I want some of those dealer models now

  24. Smile Always

    Dont sell magizines. Please

  25. Smile Always

    I miss model kits

  26. Galaxia

    3:20 The Gevaert camera is actually Belgian made, a pretty legendary brand name. A quick search says this Geva Box II was produced from 1955-1959. In 1964 the company fused with a German company and became Agfa-Gevaert, who remembers its photo-rolls in the eighties?! 😀 So this camera box is from before the fusion when it was purely Gevaert, pretty neat. FYI if you see 'ae' in names, chances are it's Belgian, and Germany does not have 'ae'.

  27. Art notforthesakeofart

    Being a movie buff and aspiring filmmaker myself, I found the movie memorabilia that you found quite interesting. Stuff like this fits well in a film museum or even in a film school

  28. LottaTroublemaker

    Those black pants could be a neat option for a young woman who likes «boyfriend jeans»… The placement of the belt loops is great! I would have loved having them myself… When I was young, I used to work at a store where the owner hadn’t cleared the storeroom ever. My girlfriends and I were allowed to go nuts there and it was fantastic. There were lots of new, but old stock items like pants, that just happened to be back in fashion at the time (80’s). The old ones were much better quality though and we paid something like a buck a pair… I remember that we found an old corset while looking around. That shocked us, showed how old the store was for sure! Oh well… Thanks for reminding me! 😊👏🙌👖

  29. dmcf77

    Klondike Days 1968 I was part of he Dean Martin Golddiggers who opened for Jack Benny performing on the main stage. What an awesome trip. The sun set at 2AM and rose again at 4.

  30. Michele Conley Eckert

    Cool! 🤓

  31. unrulyjulie

    My dad was a Quality Control Engineer at the Ford Assembly Plant in St Paul, Minnesota from after WWII to the mid 70's. He would bring home all sorts of Ford promotional stuff all the time. I remember we had several of those dealer demo models when I was a kid in the early 60's. I know we had a Galaxy 500 and a Fairlane and some Mustangs. Wish I still had them!

  32. Dustin Rodriguez

    Do you guys list the stuff you have online? That 'Sex and Marriage' pamphlet interests me, I collect old books and things about sexuality, it's always fascinating to see how societies views have changed (or not changed) over time. There was also a book about the erotic in literature that looked interesting too. In watching your videos I often wonder what you do if/when you come across hidden caches of 'mature' works. Lots of that stuff is collectible but unfortunately gets destroyed due to stigma and shame. Please don't ever do that! If for nothing else, it's great history!

  33. Michael White

    28:36 "Gott Mituns " belt buckle ? Do you still have by chance ? Would like to purchase

  34. MindGem

    How is it in Canada, can you sell/buy ww2 stuff with svasticas on it like on the belt buckle you go there.

  35. Bella Bompi

    I want to live in your shop 😁

  36. David Divad

    don't you worry about bugs, bring in the stuff that you brought in your house? Just wondering

  37. Carrie Mainely

    Wow, I bet this stuff comes from Dorothy, the police car lady. I think that was her name? Anyway, my first new car (after working my butt off since a child) was a Thunderbird 1977. I wish it was a cool 1960’s, but no, I bought it right off the dealership lot brand new. My parent’s were Ford/Lincoln buyers and all of us kids ended up owning the same. It’s funny to see all of that promotion stuff because the Ford dealership used to give my father a lot of that, because he bought so many vehicles from them. He got a stained glass lamp once…hmmm, wonder where that is? This video brings back so many memories. We would go for a Sunday drive and come home with a new car. My dad was a bit obsessed you could say. Poor mum! I remember us on a trip and our car was too small, so he pulled over and bought a brand new Ford Fairlaine, just like you showed, but a 4 door. He had us 4 kids, plus my mum’s rose bushes, and a large painting she was bringing back from Connecticut to Maine sit in the car first, to make sure everything fit before he bought it…lol!

  38. Toy-Addict

    This was such a fun lot! I just love old paper items.

  39. kate kissick

    Could you send me the True Detective magazines…$$$…???
    My Aunt gave me some of hers and I would read them late at night when we did't have dates and scare my younger sister. My sister passed in 99 she was 39 … my Aunt passed in 2007

  40. Julianne

    That flashy jacket was probably a smoking jacket since it was in the box with the pipes.

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